At Worlds XXVIII, we noticed three codecs – Standard, Explorer, and Limited. The Explorer meta was comparatively various. We noticed a big proportion of Greasefang, Sacrifice, and Spirits, which was to be anticipated. However, essentially the most fascinating deck to be represented in 4 copies was Temur Transmogrify which we hadn’t seen that a lot earlier than.

It’s a mixture between midrange and combo. It does need to get a fast Titan of Industry on-line which it may well accomplish as quickly as flip three, but it surely doesn’t must. A quick Titan will dominate most boards as a 7/7 attain trampler and a 4/4 Rhino are to be reckoned with and there are few elimination spell that may truly comprise it which makes the combo highly effective. Against non-interactive decks, this shell will get on the board very quick and kills in two fight steps. However, it additionally has a deep reactive angle with over a dozen interactive spells most important deck.

Let’s see what particular person playing cards do within the deck.

Temur Transmogrify

by Skura

6 mythic

55 uncommon

2 unusual

17 frequent

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Deck Tech

Let’s begin off with the primary pay-off within the deck.

It’s arguably one of many strongest threats in the complete format. Being a 7/7 makes it nigh-unkillable within the format the place you largely see damage-based spells like Stomp or Play with Fire or playing cards like Fatal Push. On high of that, it has two related key phrases – Trample and Reach. They serve two roles. First, trample makes it in order that the opponents can not chump it endlessly and it truly pushes harm by means of. Second, attain permits you to stabilise in tough video games. While clearly it roadblocks the board, flying creatures may in any other case be fairly annoying to take care of. However, thanks to achieve, that’s not the case and you’re positive nothing can push by means of.

In addition to all of the goodness you’re getting, there may be much more. It’s enter-the-battlefield set off offers you a selection of two of the 4 talked about choices:

  1. Destroy goal artifact or enchantment – This is especially related towards miscellaneous permanents like Parhellion II, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, Leyline Binding, or Witch’s Oven. Always attempt to assess whether or not there’s something price destroying. Still, don’t kill one thing as a result of you’ll be able to. Destroying Leyline Binding to unlock your Omen of the Sea gained’t be very efficient however releasing up Esika’s Chariot could be a lot better.
  2. Target participant good points 5 life – I like this mode while you’re on the again foot and the opponent is placing strain on you. Those would be the video games while you high deck an Indomitable Creativity impact, get Titan and attempt to work out a technique from there, which normally entails staying alive. Don’t underestimate gaining life; the longer the sport goes, the extra favoured you’re going to be because of Yorion, Sky Nomad and a number of endgame results.
  3. Create a 4/4 inexperienced Rhino Warrior creature token – This is normally my default selection. Cheating 11 energy mixed into play goes to dominate most board states. Rhino with Titan shut the sport in two assaults and I like changing benefits into precise wins.
  4. Put a protect counter on a creature you management – It’s my mode of selection once I truly count on my opponent to have a elimination spell from Titan or if I’m anticipating a robust assault from the opponent and need to make worthwhile blocks e.g. they’ve received a 7/7 Shark Typhoon token.

This is the namesake combo piece. In apply, it permits you to exile your personal creature token to place the aforementioned Titan of Industry into play. I have a tendency to consider such results as one-card combos, as in most video games, you’re going to simply play out the sport usually and forged Transmogrify if a chance comes up. There isn’t even a lot of a deck constructing value to it. You want a payoff (Titan of Industry) and token makers, however there are such a lot of highly effective playing cards which make tokens, by the way or in any other case, that you simply don’t even really feel prefer it’s one of many stipulations for the deck.

The different tackle the identical impact. Lukka, Coppercoat Outcasts minus two capacity does the identical factor as Transmogrify. It’s costlier, so deckbuilding-wise, Transmogrify will get the precedence of being performed in larger amount. Everything I mentioned above applies right here.

In addition, it’s a planeswalker which stays on the battlefield which works higher in longer video games. As it begins on 5 loyalty, you may have video games the place you employ its Transmogrify impact two turns in a row and nonetheless hold it alive! Not solely does it deliver Titan of Industrywhich is a must-answer menace, but it surely itself is a must-answer menace.

It’s plus one can be largely irrelevant as there are solely three creatures within the deck and also you don’t need to should forged them. I additionally doubt you’ll ever be capable to or need to use the final word. However, in these uncommon video games the place you run out of Titans, you would possibly need to go as much as the final word and kill off the opp with it. After all, Shark Typhoon tokens nonetheless have energy and toughness.

The most effective on-stack reply a deck may play. I am keen on its inclusion and the truth that as many as three copies are on this checklist. It permits you to play by means of opposing countermagic and actually mess up opponents’ multispelling. It cleanly solutions Fable of the Mirror-Breaker which is massively essential and tempo-positive at that. It punishes opponents tapping out whereas not tying up an excessive amount of mana for you.

Another piece of countermagic. Make Disappear can counter creatures which is especially used to alleviate strain off you to have extra time to arrange. There is likely to be video games the place you reap the benefits of the casualty mechanic, so at all times double examine whether or not you’ll be able to and need to use it. Tokens off Shark Typhoon, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, Esika’s Chariot, Rhino Warrior, and Careful Cultivation can all allow it. Moreover, no one expects two-mana counterspells in Explorer, particularly from a non-control deck. I can guarantee you that you’ll catch a number of individuals off guard with this tech.

If you’ll be able to both Spell Pierce or Make Disappear a spell, make the ultimate selection primarily based on the curve. If the following flip you’ll be able to deploy the following menace and have just one mana left, Make Disappear now. On high of that, assess which card could have extra worth when you maintain it for later and that may rely upon the forms of playing cards they play, mana out there, and when you can activate casualty.

Early recreation elimination. In this deck, it’s the perfect low-cost spell as you will see that your self paying the extra value usually sufficient, at which level it’s an virtually damaged piece of elimination. You can sacrifice Treasure tokens, Courier’s Briefcase, and Esika’s Chariot.

While you’ll be able to in all probability consider higher choices for this slot, its second and third traces of textual content make it the perfect inclusion on this shell. Most usually, you’ll backside the worst card in hand to get nearer to drawing Transmogrify, backside a redundant copy of Transmo impact, or backside Titan of Industryso that it’s within the deck to be later cascaded into. As far as I’m involved, very occasionally will you choose towards placing something again.

Its presence within the deck justifies enjoying different fringe results which you’ll be able to at all times backside, be it Spell Pierce towards a creature deck or Voltage Surge towards management.

This automobile does quite a bit for the deck. It’s an artifact to activate Voltage Surge, makes tokens to be sacrificed to Make Disappear or Transmogrify, is a mid-game menace, goes broad, copies Rhino tokens – multi function card. It really bolsters your truthful plan and punishes opponents for holding up interplay to interrupt up the combo.

The most important function of Omen of the Sea is card choice. Early within the recreation, if nothing is going on and you don’t have anything to work together with, it’s an ideal window to resolve Omen and dig deeper into the deck. You gained’t at all times need to attempt to discover Transmogrify – typically you’d somewhat discover an interactive piece to impede the opponent id est towards Greasefang.

Secretly one of many strongest playing cards within the deck. You don’t actually care about its exhausting forged mode, however somewhat the channel capacity. If you channel it on flip two, on flip three you’ll be able to faucet it for mana, faucet three lands and instantly forged Transmogrify on the Monk token. It ends in you placing Titan of Industry on flip three which is totally backbreaking, particularly on the play. It offers the deck the flexibility to win seemingly out of nowhere from an empty board because the opponent passing the flip would possibly face finish step token, untap, Transmo.

This might be the perfect card in Explorer, Pioneer, and is so robust that’s seeing in depth play in Modern. It actually does every part that this deck would need.

  1. First chapter – makes a token that can be utilized for Transmogrify. Upon assaults makes Treasure tokens which ramp you or can be utilized as Transmogrify targets.
  2. Second chapter – card filtering. You can ditch useless elimination spells or redundant combo items.
  3. Third chapter – Reflection of Kiki Jiki can copy Titan of Industry leading to you getting a number of creatures, triggers, and general board domination. If left unattended, you’ll be able to hold copying Titan flip after flip. Reflection itself can be used as Transmo fodder.

Generically good token maker. It cycles so that you get a bit deeper into the deck, the token flies which will be related in killing off opposing Planeswalkers or blocking, and if exhausting forged it threatens an actual clock. Basically, the entire deck would set off Shark Typhoon. If you make a, say, 6/6 Shark, not solely does it clock the opponent actually quick, however can be copied with Reflection of Kiki Jiki.

Matchups and Sideboard Guide

Hornet Queen Amokhet RemasteredHornet Queen Art by Jonathon Kuo

Rakdos Midrange

This is our desired match-up. Rakdos has actually tough time grinding by means of Titan of Industry paired with the Rhino Warrior, particularly if we’re capable of produce multiples. Even if they can extend the sport, there’s a looming menace of Yorion, Sky Nomad blinking our Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, Omen of the Sea, and Esika’s Chariot, which isn’t one thing they will actually come again from.

Actually comboing off is likely to be powerful typically as a single Fatal Push maintain us again, however the sheer potential for the combo makes them have to carry it up always. It additional implies that they may not faucet out for Liliana of the Veil or Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. If they do, although, we’ll forged Transmogrify and possibly win.

Last however not least, in the event that they maintain up Fatal Push particularly by holding up one black mana, Spell Pierce can get them good.

Azorius Control

In this matchup, we now have to play a bit extra sensible as we don’t need to stroll into March of Otherworldly Light concentrating on our tokens. Additionally, they will at all times forged a mass elimination spell to comb the board. We should play a bit extra of a positional recreation, chipping away with tokens, holding up countermagic.

The greatest spots are while you resolve Esika’s Chariot, it itself forces a mass elimination, after which we play Transmogrify, ideally Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast. Once they’ve used the primary mass elimination, we are able to maintain them towards the ropes by demanding one other Wrath of God each flip.


Game one we don’t need to draw Spell Pierce or Make Disappear. Post-board, nonetheless, it looks like a fairly good matchup so far as I’m involved. They can’t ever win by means of Hornet Queen, Titan of Industry stabilises the sport very nicely, we now have a large number of elimination spells, and tokens to chump with. On high of that, they can not actually work together with our Transmogrify.

Don’t hold too gradual fingers and you need to be good.


In my opinion, it’s a fairly good matchup. If each of us do our factor, our Titan of Industry blocks their Parhelion II and the tokens. Post-board, we even have entry to round 15 items of interplay that disrupt their combo. While they will additionally disrupt ours with Fatal Push, a good extended recreation favours us. Furthermore, we’re not punished by holding up mana as we are able to play Omen of the Sea, Shark Typhoon or Careful Cultivation.

Mono Blue Spirits

This is the one difficult matchup. If we need to win, we now have to attract the environment friendly subset of playing cards and never the three+ mana spells. It’s additionally going to be powerful to squeeze by means of the combo when they’re holding up Spell Pierce and different items of countermagic. It’s a very powerful one. Keep environment friendly, low-to-the-ground fingers.

Tips and Tricks

Shark Typhoon Art by Caio MonteiroShark Typhoon Art by Caio Monteiro

  • If you need to dig as deep as attainable with Omen of the Sea, you’ll be able to play it and maintain precedence with its personal set off on the stack. Then, you employ the sacrifice capacity to Scry 2 earlier than you resolve Scry 2 and draw. This approach you’ll be able to go even 5 playing cards deep.
  • There is likely to be conditions when it’s appropriate to hardcast Careful Cultivation – be it for the stats buff or ramp.
  • You would possibly need to decline utilizing the second chapter’s capacity of Fable of the Mirror-Breaker. It could occur if in case you have one card in hand and it’s Transmogrify, for instance.
  • The third chapter of The Akroan War is symmetrical, however in apply, it gained’t actually have an effect on you because it goes off in the primary part, after you’ve untapped. However, when you stole one thing with a faucet capacity, you should use it earlier than the third chapter resolves to kill it.
  • If you don’t have anything happening, it’s possible you’ll need to money in your Shark Typhoon cycle for x=0 simply to attract a recent card.
  • Esika’s Chariot can copy any token, not simply the Cats – Treasure, Food, Rhino Warrior, and many others.
  • Thanks to Treasure tokens you’ll be able to truly use Courier’s Briefcase final capacity to attract three playing cards.
  • Transmogrify can be utilized on an opponent’s creature as a elimination spell. While they are going to get the impact of placing a unique menace into play, you may need to hope it’s going to be a worse creature than the one exiled.
  • Always be conscious of what creatures you aspect in as it is going to have an effect on the Transmogrify hits. If you aspect in Hornet Queen, however don’t aspect out Titan of Industry, you by no means know which you’ll get.
  • It could also be related to recollect what you’ve bottomed with scry after a mulligan and/or Fire Prophecy . For instance, when you’ve sided in Hornet Queen, however you’ve bottomed it with Fire Prophecy, for a reality that you simply’ll hit Titan of Industry in your Transmogrify.
  • Rhino token doesn’t have trample!
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