Betta fish are recognized for his or her brilliant colours. They are standard with Americans as pets.

They are sometimes stored alone in a small tank. Male fish are prized for his or her stronger colours and exquisite fins.

With excellent care, bettas reside three to 5 years, however some are recognized to reside 10 years.

In the northern elements of the world, winter has arrived, and a few folks could be questioning what to do with their time now that they’re indoors. Keeping a betta fish generally is a enjoyable interest that doesn’t contain going outdoors. It additionally doesn’t require an excessive amount of talent, however you do need to be prepared to be taught.

But how do you deal with a betta fish?

Mahachai betta or Betta mahachaiensis, Siamese Fighting Fish in Thailand.

Required elements

First, betta fish want a house. A tank that holds no less than 11 liters of water is recommended though 19 liters is healthier. Larger tanks are higher as a result of the water must be modified much less typically and gives a more healthy surroundings for the fish.

Second, the tank wants small rocks or sand on the backside. In the pet fish trade, that is referred to as substrate. Just a few centimeters on the backside are all that’s wanted. Clean the rocks or sand with working water with out cleaning soap till it runs clear earlier than including them to the tank.

Third, a filter is required to purify the water. Many folks hold bettas with out filters. But the fish ought to be raised with a filter to remain wholesome. Follow the filter’s tips and select a filter that’s the proper measurement for the tank.

Betta fish swimming in aquarium

Betta fish swimming in aquarium

Fourth, a heater is recommended to maintain your fish in good situation. These fish favor hotter water, normally between 24 and 28 levels Celsius. Pet shops promote heaters for fish. Choose the best measurement on your aquarium and observe its tips, or directions, to set it up.

A light-weight and decorations are the ultimate particulars to arrange your tank. A light-weight is probably not needed if the room receives sufficient pure mild. But an electrical mild could be useful in the event you want to develop crops within the tank. If actual crops look like an excessive amount of work, plastic crops work as nicely. You can even discover different decorations like rocks, or wooden items. Just make sure that they’re secure for fish.

Water high quality and temperature

The high quality of the water is essential to protecting a fish alive and wholesome. The filter and heater will do loads to maintain the water secure for the fish, however there are further steps it’s best to take.

Make positive the water you add to the tank is secure for fish. Tap water can be utilized. But it normally accommodates a chlorine-based chemical dangerous to fish, so further steps should be taken.

Krista Keller is a professor on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Veterinary Medicine. Writing on-line in 2019, she mentioned, “If tap water is used in the tank, it is recommended to use a dechlorinating product and test for heavy metals.”

Blue betta fish swims in aquarium water

Blue betta fish swims in aquarium water

Pet shops promote dechlorinating chemical compounds and they’re simple to make use of. Just observe the directions on the container. Stores additionally promote house water testing merchandise. But many fish shops are completely happy to check your water in the event you usher in a small quantity. They can even present recommendation on protecting fish in your space’s water.

Betta fish care

After establishing your tank, there are just a few extra issues to contemplate. You might want to feed your fish and alter its water.

There are many decisions for meals. There are pellets, frozen entire meals, freeze-dried meals, and reside meals. Pet shops will carry many of those. Feed your fish as soon as to twice a day. Whatever meals you select, make sure that it accommodates meat or bugs as a result of that’s what bettas eat within the wild.

It is recommended to vary one fourth of your tank’s water as soon as each week or two. Remove the outdated water and add contemporary water. Your filter additionally could require some further cleansing each month or so.

Tank buddies

Male betta fish are stored alone as a result of they’re aggressive fish. Another identify for bettas is Siamese preventing fish. Males ought to by no means be stored with different betta males. If you will have a bigger tank with different fish, they may reside collectively peacefully. But know that male betta fish typically assault different fish and should need to reside individually.

Female betta fish can reside with different fish peacefully. A gaggle of females might be stored too. Make positive they’ve a tank that’s massive sufficient and a filter designed for the tank’s measurement.

I’m Jill Robbins.

Gregory Stachel wrote this story for VOA Learning English.

Quiz – How to Keep a Betta Fish

Quiz - How to Keep a Betta Fish

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Words in This Story

fin –n. the a part of a fish or marine mammal that the animal makes use of to maneuver or have an effect on its motion

pet – n. an animal (corresponding to a canine, cat, chook, or fish) that individuals hold primarily for pleasure

interest – n. an exercise that an individual does for pleasure when not working

filter – n. a tool that’s used to take away one thing undesirable from a liquid or fuel that passes by it

ornament – n. one thing that’s added to one thing else to make it extra enticing

faucet –n. a tool that controls the circulation (normally of water) from a pipe or tank

advocate – v. to counsel that somebody do (one thing)

dechlorinate – v. to take away chlorine from a substance


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