A homeless canine named Hera was gripped with nervousness after she gave delivery within the unforgiving winter months on the streets of Serbia. There was a blizzard wrecking havoc each different day, making it onerous for her to scavenge meals or maintain her dainty puppies heat and well-fed. She later crawled by the snow to hunt refuge in a chilly and moist drainpipe by the roadside.

For the subsequent few days, Hera was continuously stressing over the survival of her sickly infants. She would sprint out of the pipe each time she heard a car whoosh by, pleading with each passerby to assist her maintain her infants alive. But her hopes had been squashed with indifference as nobody ever provided her the shelter or heat that she so desperately looked for her puppies.



Image Source: Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia/YouTube


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