When nine-year-old tabby cat Roberta was transferred into the care of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia, her previous was a thriller. The solely clues to her life earlier than the AWLA had been her host of well being issues and matted fur caked with grease and dust. Plus, Roberta is bothered by cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), generally known as wobbly cat syndrome. It was obvious her existence hadn’t been the best.

But no matter her life was earlier than, it actually improved with the assistance of foster mother Asa and her canine Kona. And now, candy wobbly cat Roberta resides the snuggle life!


Wobbling into Love

Asa has been fostering for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for some time now. In truth, Roberta is foster quantity 200 and 7! And faithfully by her facet by way of so many of those journeys has been good canine Kona. And collectively, Asa and Mama Kona have readied #207 Roberta for her perpetually residence.


Roberta got here to AWLA underweight, soiled, matted, and affected by dental illness, an ear an infection, and a UTI. She was additionally a wobbly cat.

“Roberta has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), also commonly called ‘wobbly cat syndrome,’” Asa defined on Instagram.” CH is brought on by an underdeveloped cerebellum, the a part of the mind that maintains coordination and stability, ensuing within the jerky, wobbly movement.”

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“CH doesn’t cause them any pain though, and cats with CH can live the same length of time as non-affected cats.”

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And regardless that she has a wobble in her stroll and has some therapeutic to do, “none of this stops her from being the sweetest, most affectionate, and most trusting lady.”

But as candy a woman as she was, Roberta was a smelly cat! Asa reported Roberta arrived “greasy, heavily matted and smelly.” The stink, grease, and fur mats had been simple fixes, although, with the assistance of a wonderful spa day at a neighborhood cat groomer.


And when Roberta arrived at Asa’s, Kona was prepared to fulfill the most recent foster recruit!

“In true Kona fashion, she ran to her carrier the moment we got home and Roberta showed zero hesitancy,” Asa informed Love Meow.

Roberta fortunately returned Kona’s affectionate welcome with head bumps and purring! And from that first assembly, Roberta and Kona grew to become one of the best of snuggle buds.


Asa and Kona name Roberta “the most beautiful soul,” and because of them, this wobbly tabby is prepared for her perpetually residence. More good work by Kona!

H/T: www.lovemeow.com
Feature Image: @shibuyarollcall/Instagram

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