No canine likes carrying the post-surgery restoration collar, also known as “the cone of shame.” It retains them from biting stitches and worsening wounds, however it additionally makes them look so unhappy and helpless.

A latest viral TikTok video exhibits the hilarious and cute method one man tried to make his canine really feel higher in regards to the cone: he wore his personal cone in solidarity with the pup.


Dog And Dad “Recover” Together

The video, posted by TikTok consumer “good.boy.Ollie,” sneaks up on the coned canine and man as they sit commiserating collectively on a sofa, each carrying their cones of disgrace. “good.boy.Ollie” is definitely a younger girl named Alex posting movies of her canine, the titular Ollie. The man is her father.

The 7-year-old Labrador had a lump faraway from his eyelid, which later resulted within the cone. According to Alex:

“He has healed well and had the all-clear, but needed to wear the cone to protect his eyelid whilst the stitches healed.”


Naturally, when Ollie got here house together with his cone, the household couldn’t assist however really feel for him. As to how the thought of carrying his personal cone happened, Alex mentioned this about her dad:

“My dad’s the kind of dad who likes to make everyone laugh. I’m not sure if he put the cone on to make my family laugh, or genuinely to make Ollie feel better. Either way, Ollie seemed happier in his cone and it gave all of us a big laugh.”

@good.boy.ollie Is it simply my dad???‍♀️? #dogsoftiktok #dadsanddogs #labrador #fyp ♬ Lonely – Zoe Wees

In an earlier video, Alex embellished Ollie’s cone to make it look much less post-surgical. Ollie’s cone became flower petals, a french fry container, and even a cultured martini glass.


Ollie now not has to put on the cone, however whereas he did, his household did every part they may to make him really feel much less unhappy about it! Follow Ollie, Alex, and her dad’s tales on Instagram or TikTok.

The Relationship Between A Reluctant Dad And The Family Dog

Commenters on the TikTok video had been fast to affirm that the dads who didn’t essentially need the canine usually find yourself being probably the most obsessed. So many individuals have tales like this:

“[T]hat’s my dad he didn’t want a dog but [now] he’s his one and only.” – @margaretforrest123

“Yea we got a dog and my dad didn’t really want it now he says it his dog.” – @no.simp.gang

So true! My father said he didn’t wanted a dog but we ended up having 2 dogs.” – @sharbeare

I suppose canine are simply that good at charming even the most important non-believers.

H/T: Newsweek
Featured Image: TikTok

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