I’ve all the time thought that individuals who hold fishes are very detail-oriented. Judging by what I hear from fishkeepers mates about how they care for his or her fishes double-confirms my concept.

There is a lot that goes into taking care of fishes – selecting the best fish, sustaining the tank and filters, realizing what breeds can or can’t be saved collectively, breeding, bioscaping… the checklist goes on.

Bearing in thoughts that totally different breeds have totally different wants, remember to learn up as a lot as you may on the precise breed of fish that you’re eager on having, earlier than getting one.

Basic fish tools examine checklist

  • Filtration system
  • Thermometer
  • Heater (with thermostat)
  • Correct fish meals
  • Water conditioner
  • Fish nets
  • Siphon tube for water altering and anti-chlorine
  • Substrate
  • Living vegetation and rocks
  • Bottled nitrifying micro organism (to kickstart the biking course of in your tank)
  • Buffering answer to decrease PH ranges within the water for various fish breeds
  • Light
  • Water take a look at package
  • Air pump + air stone (good to have)
  • Algae scraper (optionally available)


Never get your fish on the identical day you get a tank

Your fish tank wants good micro organism, which, like most dwelling issues, takes time to develop. Beneficial micro organism wants anyplace from 2 weeks to 2 months to develop.

Get acquainted with the time period “tank cycling”. If you’re new to fishkeeping, that is most likely a very powerful factor it is advisable to know. The time period refers back to the nitrogen cycle in aquariums: useful micro organism and vegetation assist devour the accrued fish waste (akin to meals and faecal matter that produce toxins like ammonia, nitrate and nitrites) and forestall them from doubtlessly killing the fishes.

Regular water monitoring is important for tanks by utilizing a water high quality take a look at package to make sure there aren’t any spikes or modifications in ranges.


Bigger is all the time higher (for any animal, chook, hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla and so forth.)

As a suggestion, buy the largest tank measurement your house at house can afford. Apart from animal welfare, there are advantages that include a bigger tank:

  • It’s simpler to take care of and to control temperature all through it.
  • You’ll have happier and more healthy fish. They’ll have extra space to swim in, extra vegetation to cover behind and so forth. Happy fish = glad you.
  • Bigger house means extra space for vegetation and different protected tank ornament. Try tank bioscaping (mainly, landscaping your tank) – it is aesthetically pleasing and will certainly be one thing to indicate off to family and friends. 
  • Maintain one tank from begin to finish, relatively than altering tanks every so often when the fishes outgrow the small tank. You may also begin including extra fishes whenever you’re assured, and don’t have to fret about an overcrowded tank.

Location of your fish tank

We need fishes to be snug and unafraid. Avoid putting them in these spots:

Places with direct daylight or close to home windows.

Excessive lighting will trigger tank temperatures to fluctuate and trigger algae to overgrow.

Near heating vents or aircon items.

Water temperature needs to be saved as secure as attainable. Rapid modifications in temperature might kill the fishes.

High visitors areas akin to close to doorways.

These areas may cause pointless stress to fishes within the tank, particularly if visitors determine to poke on the glass, play with the water or often open and shut the doorways.

On the bottom or up too excessive.

Debris from the bottom might simply go into the tank which will likely be harmful for fishes. Having a tank too excessive up will make sustaining the tank troublesome and will increase the danger of the tank falling over.

Close to audio system or the tv.

Soundwaves from audio system and flashes of sunshine from the TV could also be nerve-racking to fishes.

Hidden corners or areas in the home.

As they are saying, out of sight, out of thoughts. We don’t need that taking place to those stunning creatures, proper? And what if an accident occurs?

Fishes have emotions, too

Something I really feel that must be established is that it doesn’t matter what animal we discuss, they’re all able to having emotions.

Just as a result of they will’t converse, doesn’t imply that we must always simply assume that they don’t have emotions. And simply because fish are comparatively cheaper to purchase, that doesn’t make them disposable pets, or imply that their lives needs to be price any much less.

Fishes can really feel pressured in an atmosphere. How are you able to inform? Here are some indicators:

  • Hiding
  • Clamped fins
  • Inactivity
  • Change in color
  • Gasping on the water
  • Behavioural modifications
  • Having little to no urge for food

Causes of stress could possibly be because of:

  • Incorrect feeding or a poor eating regimen
  • Change within the water temperature
  • An overcrowded tank

If the reason for stress will not be addressed, extended stress might result in diseases in fishes. A weakened immune system might depart them susceptible to micro organism, fungal or parasite infections which might be discovered inside the tank itself.

It could also be onerous to detect these stress signs in fishes however hey, in case you love your fish, pay shut consideration to their wants! Remember to all the time give them ample hiding spots to assist scale back the quantity of stress they may face.


The studying curve for protecting fishes might be actually steep, however in keeping with my fishkeeper mates, fish are nice starter pets, however provided that plenty of analysis is completed beforehand and fish should not simply purchased on impulse.

Perhaps you can begin with guppies and combating fish. My finest recommendation: analysis, analysis and analysis some extra. All one of the best!

This article was first printed in Wonderwall.sg.

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