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Freshwater fish are a preferred alternative amongst novice and veteran aquarists alike.

The latter usually fall in love with them for his or her breathtaking patterns and a big selection of breeds whereas the previous select them for his or her resilience and adaptableness when in comparison with their saltwater counterparts.

Because there are such a lot of breeds to select from, the budding freshwater aquarist might have a tough time discovering the fish that’s proper for his or her aquarium.

That’s the place we are available in.

In this text, we’re going to be discussing the preferred freshwater aquarium fish and the advantages of every to information you in direction of the one that’s most suited to your price range, time, and tank.

Let’s begin…

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Freshwater Fish

1. Goldfish

Freshwater Fish: GoldfishPhoto Credit: Annie Roi

The go-to pet of fogeys hoping to show their youngsters some duty earlier than introducing a bigger pet to the image, the goldfish is commonly chosen for its hardiness, however it may be a lot greater than a starter pet.

If housed in an adequately sized tank – a 20-gallon mannequin is usually urged – you may count on your goldfish to develop as much as 14 inches in size and stay for upwards of a decade (the oldest recorded goldfish made it to a staggering 43 years).

Available for under a few {dollars} from most pet shops, goldfish ought to be excessive in your checklist in the event you’re hoping to inventory your tank on a price range.

2. Guppy

Freshwater Fish: GuppyPhoto Credit: William Warby

Because of how simple they’re to take care of, guppies are virtually as fashionable amongst novice fishkeepers as goldfish. Their recognition can be traced again to their vibrant colours and hypnotic tails, that are mostly seen in males.

It is necessary to notice that guppies, not like goldfish, are sociable creatures and so ought to be saved in teams, which can be an issue if you want to keep away from the stress of caring for a number of fish.

If you might be joyful to proceed, it’s endorsed that you just maintain guppies in units of threes, with one gallon of water per fish.

3. Cory Catfish

Freshwater Fish: Cory CatfishPhoto Credit: Noel J. Goodwin

If you’re hoping to construct a neighborhood aquarium versus merely housing a single species in your tank, it is best to contemplate buying a Cory catfish or two.

Though fairly a sociable bunch, Cory catfish are calm and non-confrontational, which makes them the best freshwater neighborhood fish.

Cory catfish are primarily backside feeders and so ought to be fed utilizing sinking pellets. Go with conventional flakes as an alternative and your Cory catfish will doubtless develop weak, dropping every meal to quicker and extra lively fish.

4. Killifish

Freshwater Fish: KillifishPhoto Credit: Julieanh

With little aim past having fun with its personal existence, the killifish is unlikely to start out any battles with different fish in your aquarium, so that you could be sure of a peaceable tank so long as you retain only one male killifish (they will get fairly aggressive when mating season rolls round).

Speaking of mating, the killifish is without doubt one of the best aquarium fish to breed and requires far much less particular circumstances than another species of fish.

Aside from its resilience and the convenience with which it may be bred, the nice attract of the killifish is its colorfulness. With patterns and colours galore throughout its 700 species, even probably the most pedantic of aquarists received’t have hassle discovering a killifish to match the colour scheme of their tank.

5. Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Freshwater Fish: Betta FishPhoto Credit: Brownpau

We know what you’re considering, however don’t let the title idiot you. While male Siamese preventing fish are certainly aggressive in direction of one another, it’s truly fairly an agreeable fish when only one male is housed in a tank.

Aquarists hoping to keep up a peaceable tank can add a Siamese preventing fish to their aquarium protected within the data that it’s going to coexist with all different peaceable breeds.

Perhaps due to the adverse connotations its title arouses, the Siamese preventing fish is extra generally generally known as the “betta” in fishkeeping circles.

Many bettas boast flared opercula, which give them a novel look no matter their sample and makes them unattainable to overlook in an aquarium. While bettas do take pleasure in plant meals, they’re omnivorous and in addition require animal protein

6. Angelfish

Frehswater Fish: Angelfish

If you’re up for a problem, it is best to contemplate including an angelfish or two to your aquarium. Although the angelfish could be troublesome to lift and maintain, many aquarists argue that its distinctive physique and lots of shade variations make the expertise greater than value it.

Much like Siamese preventing fish, angelfish are omnivorous and require a balanced weight loss program of plant and animal meals, which generally is a problem to get proper if in case you have no prior expertise retaining aquarium fish.

Furthermore, angelfish require a big tank and should not have any lower than 20 gallons of water to maneuver round in. As it matures, your angelfish might attain as much as 6 inches in size, which might be an issue if in case you have smaller fish in your aquarium as will probably be keen to say its dominance.

7. Neon Tetra

Freshwater Fish: Neon TetraPhoto Credit: Moto Miwa

Named for the incandescent blue stripe that runs throughout its physique and renders it seen even in darkness, the neon tetra is a staple of freshwater aquariums and has lengthy been a preferred alternative amongst newcomers.

Close to 1.5 million neon tetras are imported to the US each month, which is nice information for American aquarists as it is a significantly sociable fish. It is recommended that you just maintain no less than 5 neon tetras in your tank at a time, as smaller teams might really feel threatened regardless of their very own peaceable nature.

You received’t have to fret a few group of neon tetras taking over all of the area in your aquarium as even when absolutely grown they hardly ever exceed 2 centimeters.

Check out this roundup some fish that may stay with Neon Tetras to provide this gorgeous little fish some firm in your tank.

8. Cherry Barb

Freshwater Fish: Cherry BarbPhoto Credit: Max Wei

The cherry barb is a comparatively simple fish to care for so long as you’ve got an appropriately sized tank. When grown, the standard cherry barb will attain 2 inches in size and would require no less than 25 gallons of water.

You also needs to add some plant shows to your aquarium in the event you’re contemplating going with a cherry barb, as it’s one in all many fish breeds that like to cover themselves away even when not at risk.

If you google an image of the cherry barb, you’ll discover a number of dozen pictures of a vibrant pink fish, which, in fact, offers the creature its title. It is necessary to notice, nonetheless, that the cherry barb is primarily silver in shade, with male fish turning cherry pink solely when spawning.

9. Oscar

Freshwater Fish: Oscar FishPhoto Credit: Harum.koh

Although remarkably unfriendly in relation to its interactions with different species of fish, the oscar can construct up fairly a optimistic relationship with people, with its capability for what seems to be love being traced again to its superior intelligence when in comparison with different freshwater tropical fish.

Because of its hostility, the oscar is just not appropriate for housing in a neighborhood aquarium and ought to be saved solely with different Oscars. It is that this aggressiveness, mixed with its enhanced waste manufacturing and frustratingly particular weight loss program, that turns many fishkeepers off the oscar.

Of course, the oscar is just not with out its attraction. Because of its intelligence, the common oscar could be taught to answer its title and should even study a couple of tips over the course of its two-decade estimated lifespan.

10. Bristlenose Pleco

Freshwater Fish: Bristlenose PlecoPhoto Credit: M.Shattock

If you’re contemplating breeding your fish, it is best to cross the Bristlenose off your checklist as a result of it’s positively not what you might be on the lookout for.

A species of catfish, the Bristlenose pleco is notoriously difficult to breed, with even probably the most skilled and devoted aquarists failing of their makes an attempt to take action.

Read our care information for the: Bristlenose Pleco

This fish requires little conventional fish meals and prefers to feast on the algae that usually develops in a tank, so it may be relied upon to scrub the aquarium wherein it’s housed.

Despite being a backside feeder, the Bristlenose can truly be fairly amusing to watch, owing to its tendency to launch itself by the water (by the way, don’t home a Bristlenose in an open tank).

11. Zebra Danio

Freshwater Fish: Zebra DanioPhoto Credit: Ruaraidh Gillies

Much just like the Bristlenose pleco, the zebra danio is understood to leap and so shouldn’t be saved in an open tank. Thankfully, that’s the place the particular necessities finish with this species of fish.

The zebra danio is without doubt one of the best breeds of freshwater fish to take care of and might flourish in numerous water circumstances. Rarely exceeding 7 centimeters in size, a zebra danio requires solely 10 gallons of water and could be sustained on generic flakes.

It ought to be identified, nonetheless, that zebra danios prefer to journey in teams and might turn into pressured to the purpose of ill-health if saved alone.

12. Platy

Feshwater Fish: PlatyPhoto Credit: Allie Caulfield

Much just like the zebra danio, the platy is a neighborhood fish and prefers to journey in teams of 5, though it feels safer in bigger teams. But regardless of the very fact it requires a big group, the platy can stay a cheerful life in simply 10 gallons of water.

Furthering its similarities to the zebra danio, the platy is visually pleasing, with some arguing it’s extra attention-grabbing to take a look at than its predecessor and, certainly, the overwhelming majority of aquarium fish.

This is as a result of platies will not be restricted to a single shade or sample. Platies are a peaceable bunch and get on significantly effectively with different small breeds of fish. They could be fed each plant and animal meals, though they typically want the previous.

13. Molly

Freshwater Fish: MollyPhoto Credit: KnOizKi

Mollies are a neighborhood fish and truly get on fairly effectively with platies. Mollies can develop fairly giant and sometimes find yourself pushing 5 inches in maturity, so it is best to home yours in a tank of over 20 gallons (though 20 gallons alone ought to be sufficient in the event you’re retaining solely a small group).

If you’re contemplating breeding, mollies are value as they’re arguably the most effective fish for doing so in recent water. That being stated, mollies could also be just a little too wanting to breed, so in the event you aren’t able to decide to elevating a number of it is best to solely select one in your tank.

14. Discus

Freshwater Fish: Discus

The discus is a wide ranging fish however has very particular wants which might hardly ever be met by the newbie aquarist. You ought to solely contemplate including one to your tank if in case you have no less than a yr of expertise beneath your belt.

The discus requires a premium-grade tank of no less than 25 gallons and might develop as much as 20 centimeters when correctly housed and fed an sufficient weight loss program.

That sufficient weight loss program is primarily composed of beef coronary heart and blood worms (yum), however you also needs to throw some flakes in there for extra vitamins.

15. Pearl Gourami

Freshwater Fish: Pearl GouramiPhoto Credit: Stefan Maurer

Hydra is a freshwater polyp that enters aquariums with little aim past killing fry and smaller fish. In order to fight hydra, many aquarists inventory their tanks with a pearl gourami.

Pearl gourami feast on hydra and are unaffected by its venom, which permits them to guard the fish with which they share their tank. When not doing battle with the pest, pearl gourami is kind of peaceable and could be safely housed in neighborhood aquariums.

It is necessary to notice, nonetheless, that this fish can get fairly large and requires a tank of no less than 30 gallons, together with low lighting and loads of area for hiding.

16. Rainbowfish

Freshwater Fish: RainbowfishPhoto Credit: Greyloch

Despite its vibrant colours and relative hardiness, the rainbowfish hardly ever pops up in aquariums and will solely be anticipated to be seen within the tank of significantly devoted aquarists.

Despite its lack of recognition, the rainbowfish is kind of a sociable creature and will get on effectively with different peaceable fish, so it may be safely housed in a neighborhood aquarium.

Should you resolve to buy a rainbow fish, you have to be conscious of the truth that they solely start to point out their colours as they enter maturity, so you’ve got extra to realize in the long term from going with a pale rainbowfish than you do from selecting probably the most lovely one you will discover.

17. Green Swordtail


Despite their title, inexperienced swordtails are peaceable fish and keep away from confrontation each time potential. In reality, they appear to actively take part in friendships with different breeds of fish and so could be anticipated to adapt to and thrive in your neighborhood aquarium.

Green swordtails get on significantly effectively with platies and the 2 species are so intently associated that they will crossbreed.

The inexperienced swordtail is an effective alternative if you’re new to fishkeeping as they will survive in a wide range of circumstances and might simply face up to the commonest errors made by inexperienced hobbyists.

Final Thoughts About Freshwater Fish

It is unattainable to call any of the above freshwater fish as the very best as every comes with its personal distinctive set of professionals and cons. Instead, your concern ought to be establishing which of the aforementioned species is best-suited to your wants and preferences.

It is necessary that you just select a fish that matches your stage of expertise. Although a novice fishkeeper might want to inventory their tank with a discus, doing so can be irresponsible.

If you’re a newbie fishkeeper, our recommendation is to start out out with a fish that’s much less demanding – maybe a neon tetra or a guppy – and work your means as much as the tougher breeds.

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