There’s no place like house. Well, at the least that’s how a four-legged escape artist named Dexter feels. Dexter, a artful canine from Kansas, made that fairly clear when he deliberately escaped from doggy daycare whereas his household was distant.

He may have gone wherever, however the place did the homesick pup determine to sprint off to as soon as he slipped away? Dexter ran till he was sitting on his personal entrance porch. 


When Dexter’s household determined to make a journey throughout the nation to go to Las Vegas, they dropped Dexter off at a doggy daycare. That approach, he can be nicely taken care of whereas they had been away. But the midwestern native took his well-known job inside his household extremely severely. So severely, the truth is, that he wasn’t keen to remain “off duty” all the time his household was away.  

“We adopted Dexter to be a watchdog for my wife while I traveled, and he takes that job VERY seriously, so that’s probably why he was so determined to come home,” mentioned Dexter’s dad, Jeremy.


His dad introduced him house so he may very well be each a companion and a protector for his spouse whereas he traveled. Dexter took his place inside the household to coronary heart. Despite being dropped off two miles from house, this good boy was decided to get again on the job. The devoted canine slipped away and made a mad sprint for the place his coronary heart advised him to go.

Comforted From Afar

Despite Dexter’s dad being 1,000 miles away in Las Vegas, he was nonetheless in a position to consolation his confused canine. After receiving the notification from his Ring doorbell digicam that somebody was standing on his entrance porch, Jeremy checked his video feed.

Once Jeremy noticed who it was, he used the one-way discuss characteristic and was in a position to communicate to his pup. Dexter was so delighted to listen to the comforting voice of his dad that it was straightforward to maintain him calm and contained till assist arrived. 

Ring footage

“Previously, it made me feel safe knowing that whenever anyone came to our doorstep, we would be notified of it. But now, I truly believe that the Ring Doorbell saved my dog’s life. Without it, he may have been stuck outside and wouldn’t have been able to find a warm spot to stay safe,” mentioned Jeremy. 

According to Dexter, there’s simply no place like house. How fortunate are his people to have such a loyal, loving member of the family? How fortunate are all of us to have such unbelievable furry members of the family by our sides? 

Dad and Dexter

Tell us how your furry members of the family make you grateful to have them by your facet.

Plus, try the video of Dexter’s huge journey beneath!

Featured Photo: Facebook

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