When I’m on the point of go compete on a younger horse, I wish to spend the week main as much as the competitors ensuring my horse’s primary fundamentals are in place.

I would like him free, functioning accurately and watching the cow. I would like him linked to the steer and never over-anticipating me throwing and wanting to chop in.

When we get to the roping, the whole lot will pace up and our reactions will get faster, and that may lead into the horse if we’ve him too sharp within the apply pen.

Position down the world

I’m going to ensure he’s in the best spot and conserving his spacing the entire means down the world, not getting too near the steer however not leaping out too large, both.

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Connection to the steer

I wish to make sure that he’s paying shut consideration to the cow by the nook as I flip in, conserving good way so I can preserve the toes in sight and conserving his shoulders up and his hips down.

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Free by the throw

I would like him to remain free for 2 or three or 4 hops. I would like him to calm down throughout the pen, conserving his toes shifting by pushing him up with my legs and conserving my left hand up and ahead.

Settled within the cease

I’m not going to cram him into the bottom after I heel the steer and maintain my slack up. I’m not going to dally and take the jerk.

This means, he could have the fundamental fundamentals the place they have to be to permit me to win. 

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