Picture this. After an enormous Thanksgiving Day meal (perhaps somewhat too large), you’re enjoyable on the sofa while you immediately get that disagreeable burning feeling in your chest. Heartburn. It’s uncomfortable and an unwelcome interruption to your day. But do you know that your favourite four-legged member of the family might “feel your pain,” actually? A canine’s digestive system has a construction much like a human’s, and the design makes each species vulnerable to heartburn and acid reflux disease. So it’s attainable that your canine may have heartburn, too.

What Is Heartburn and Acid Reflux?

Heartburn (a burning sensation within the higher chest) is a symptom of acid reflux disease — when acid from the abdomen enters the esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth and abdomen). The abdomen acid irritates the esophagus which causes the burning sensation of heartburn. Sometimes it could additionally trigger the canine to regurgitate or vomit.

In extreme circumstances, gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD), which is the unrestricted move of abdomen fluids into the esophagus, can happen. This is attributable to rest of the muscular opening between the abdomen and the esophagus (the sphincter).

What Does Heartburn Look Like in Dogs?

The indicators of heartburn rely on the severity of the esophageal irritation. They embody regurgitating, gagging, drooling, vomiting, whining or yelping when swallowing (resulting from ache), disinterest in meals and common discomfort. Heartburn might be a one-off episode or it could be resulting from a power situation, so it’s a good suggestion to talk together with your veterinarian should you observe these indicators in your canine and are involved that they might be attributable to acid reflux disease.

Taming the ’Burn

If your veterinarian determines that your canine has acid reflux disease, they’ll most likely suggest a low-fat canned weight loss plan. If wanted, remedy prescribed by your veterinarian is out there to deal with acid reflux disease, together with antacids with or with out a mucosal protectant. However, avoiding high-fat meals (like desk scraps and meat trimmings) and consuming an appropriately formulated weight loss plan for his or her life stage also can assist forestall heartburn and acid reflux disease in canine.


Dogs can get heartburn, however you’ll be able to assist forestall it by resisting the temptation to feed them “treats” from the Thanksgiving desk. Instead, have some wholesome, specifically formulated treats accessible for company (and also you) to share together with your canine. Your BFF (greatest furry good friend) will thanks for it.



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