Dozens of canines had been discovered on the Kabul International Airport following the evacuation of U.S. troops. There was some hypothesis that these canines had been navy working canines, however the Pentagon denies these claims. Yet, irrespective of the place they got here from, they need assistance. So, safety guards on the airport volunteered to look after and prepare them for brand spanking new roles. All the canines at the moment are receiving meals, water, and love at a coaching facility on the airport grounds.

While the canines would’ve been safer in the event that they’d escaped Afghanistan, they’re in good palms in the interim. Also, they appear to like their new jobs.


30 Dogs Left Behind

Hewad Azizi, who works for the airport’s safety, stated that they discovered canines in areas managed by the U.S. Military and in areas managed by Afghanistan police. They don’t have any method to affirm who owned these canines.

Now, the main target is caring for the canines and ensuring they keep secure. Azizi and his colleagues are engaged on coaching them by determining what their abilities are. Most of the canines appear to excel at detecting bombs.

“When I saw [the soldiers leaving], I went to save the dogs,” Azizi stated. “We have done training with them to find out what they are used for exactly.”

Dogs Training in Kabul

If the safety guards hadn’t come to assist the canines, they might have died from warmth or insufficient quantities of meals and water.

Abandoned Dogs Find New Purpose

Security employees is engaged on coaching the canines in methods which might be each helpful and enjoyable. Azizi stated his favourite canine to work with is a Belgian Malinois named Rex. Rex is nice at sniffing out packing containers that scent like explosives. Every time he sniffs out a bomb scent appropriately, he will get rewarded with further playtime.

“We have different dogs here. Narcotic dogs or drug dogs and explosive or bomb dogs,” stated K9 supervisor Mohamad Mourid. “We’re training with different materials with them. Now we keep them here. We look, we train, we see how we can use them on the ground.”

Working Dogs in Afghanistan

The Kabul airport is presently shut down for repairs, however these canines will begin working because it steadily reopens. They will present a number of help with safety, and in return, they get a number of love. The safety guards work collectively to feed, clear, and supply water for the devoted pups. It’s about time that these deserted canines get the respect they deserve.

VIDEO: In a makeshift coaching centre at #Kabul airport, dozens of canines that had been left behind throughout final month’s chaotic evacuations from #Afghanistan have discovered a brand new residence — and new handlers

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) September 13, 2021

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