While it’s true that almost all cats groom themselves to purr-fection, there are occasions when they might want somewhat further care. With 18 cats in my family, a few of whom are seniors who not care for their very own grooming, it’s left to me to ensure these nails are trimmed, eyes are shiny, coat is brushed and kitty is able to greet the day!

If your cat hates to be groomed, hear up, as a result of I’ve some ideas for you. Let’s speak concerning the 4 elements of grooming and the best way to go about it with out turning into your cat’s enemy No. 1!


Most cats want brushing at one time or one other, as a result of there are areas of their physique they merely can not attain, like their higher again. Also, these candy senior cats typically cease grooming on their very own and will have to be brushed extra typically, particularly if they’re long-haired.

The secret’s to discover a brush they like. My cats all line up for “brushies,” as I name it, they usually comply with me round as I am going from cat to cat to ensure everybody will get a flip. Two favorites:

  • A rubber brush with lengthy “fingers” that not solely will get down deep to raise out the free hair, but in addition provides cats a pleasant therapeutic massage, too.
  • A glove brush, which is actually a glove you place in your hand, then you definitely merely pet your cat.

Use a low method together with your cat with the rubber brush or glove. Overhead approaches can really feel intimidating to cats, as that is how they typically change into prey to different animals out in nature.

If your cat is susceptible to mats, attempt a de-matting spray that’s unhazardous and made particularly for cats. Some cats are delay by something being sprayed →
immediately on them, so spray it in your hand after which rub it on the mats to assist detangle them.

Nail trimming

The dreaded nail cropping! Yes, I hate it, too, but when the scratching put up isn’t holding these nails good and trim, it’s a needed evil.

If nails are usually not trimmed repeatedly, the nail can really develop lengthy sufficient to twist into your cat’s paw pads, which might trigger your cat plenty of ache and doubtlessly an an infection. Long sharp nails can get caught in carpets, blankets and even drapes. If you aren’t at house when this occurs to assist your cat get free, he may very well rip out a claw making an attempt to get free.

To get your cat used to having his nails trimmed, begin by conditioning him to simply accept you touching his ft. As you’re petting your cat, gently squeeze his ft to show the nail, and let go to let it return in. Get him used to that movement till he doesn’t look twice if you contact his tootsies.

Once that occurs, trim one claw as you gently squeeze. Just nip off the tip, ensuring to not reduce too far to keep away from bleeding. You may even distract him with a yummy deal with when you’re clipping (attempt lickable treats). If you may solely get one or two nails at a time, that’s OK. Sometimes it takes just a few tries to get all of them completed.

Eye wiping

Some cats and cat breeds are susceptible to runny eyes. Persians, with their compact faces, are well-known for this downside. A number of of my cats have respiratory points from being faraway from their moms too younger, and I typically have to wipe their eyes.

Just like with their ft, step one is to get your cat used to letting you contact his face and eye space. Start with an method from up underneath his chin, by no means overhead, as this may trigger your cat to really feel threatened.

Gently pet his face and rub these scent glands alongside his cheeks. Slowly transfer your fingers up towards his eyes. Once your cat is OK with you touching his face, put a smooth, heat, moist fabric round your fingers and gently wipe that eye gunk away. If he will get upset, cease and check out once more later.


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Generally, cats maintain themselves clear and infrequently want a human to intervene. But older cats who’ve stopped grooming themselves, chubby cats who can’t attain to wash correctly, cats who want a flea tub or cats who’ve gotten into harmful substances (like trash or oil) will want a shower. Sphynx and different hairless breeds want baths due to their naturally oily pores and skin — the buildup must be cleaned away often.

Some cats are usually not afraid of water, some are. Start by operating the water when your cat is within the lavatory, however don’t attempt to make him go close to it. Most cats might be curious and bounce as much as play or drink because the water runs.
Once he’s comfy with operating water, place a towel within the backside of the sink and fill the basin just a few inches with heat water. Let him bounce up himself, then gently place him into the water and provides him a deal with. It could take just a few tries to get him to really feel comfy within the water. Once he’s able to allow you to wash him, use a shampoo made particularly for cats so his pores and skin doesn’t get dried out.

If it’s simply not possible to get him into the water, use cleaning garments made particularly for cats to softly wipe his coat clear. You also can attempt utilizing dry shampoo made particularly for cats.

Getting your cat used to being dealt with to simply accept grooming earlier than he wants it’s one of the best ways to make sure it is possible for you to do it your self. Your cat trusts you, so having your assist along with his hair and nail well being might be a lot much less hectic for him. It could even deepen the bond between you.

When to hunt an expert groomer

If your cat is very soiled and matted, or if she simply freaks out and won’t allow you to bathe him or trim his claws, chances are you’ll want the assistance of an expert. Here are some professionals that may assist you:

✤ Your feline veterinarian can trim your cat’s claws, and a few would possibly even do some primary hair trimming for you.

✤ Only one in each 100 groomers is skilled with cats, so ask if the groomer has cat grooming expertise earlier than hiring. There are certifications particularly for cats groomers, akin to Certified Feline Master Groomer or Certified Master Cat Groomer. Look for somebody with a majority of these credentials.

✤ A cellular groomer who involves your house with expertise in cat grooming can also be an incredible resolution to maintain your cat as calm as attainable throughout bathing.

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