If you might have a canine with light-colored fur, eliminating their tear stains generally is a nightmare. Cleaning tear stains may appear to be a trouble, they usually stand out like a sore thumb in images. Yet, if you happen to assume tear stains are annoying, think about how your canine feels! Having a crusty brown substance round their eyes might be uncomfortable for them, particularly when there’s nothing they will do to repair it.

Luckily, a white canine with tear stains isn’t doomed. There are a number of straightforward options, relying on the reason for the stains. Finding the foundation of the issue and deciding on a secure, handy grooming product may very well be the important thing to eradicating your pup’s unpleasant eye stains.

Why Do White Dogs Get Tear Stains?

Any canine can have extreme tearing, however it’s most noticeable on canine with light-colored fur. Tear stains may mix in on a darkish coat, but when your canine has white hair, their tears will stain the fur an disagreeable reddish-brown shade.

However, you may discover that there are many white canine with clear faces. Their people could be nice at protecting their tear stains beneath management, however it may additionally rely upon the kind of canine. White fur isn’t the one attribute that results in goopy tears. Dogs with lengthy hair usually tend to get tear stains caught of their coats, and canine with flat faces usually produce extra tears.

So, in case your white canine occurs to have lengthy hair or a flat face, you’ll be able to count on to take care of some discoloration beneath their eyes.

What Causes Tear Stains in Dogs?

It’s regular for canine to have some drainage from their eyes, however tear stains are normally attributable to an overproduction of tears, also referred to as “epiphora.” Epiphora might be attributable to a number of components. Some causes are controllable whereas others are usually not.

Here are the commonest causes of epiphora:

  • Birth defects close to the eyes, such because the absence of correct drainage strategies or eyelids rising inward
  • Damage to the tear drainage system
  • Overactive tear glands
  • Allergies, together with reactions to meals, pollen, mud, smoke, or grooming merchandise
  • Foreign objects coming into contact with the eyes and inflicting irritation
  • Fungal/bacterial infections
  • Puppy teething could trigger extra tears

How to Get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

Most individuals view canine tear stains solely as an look problem, however it’s usually greater than that. Tear stains are uncomfortable for canine, they usually can typically be linked to one thing extra severe. So, listed below are some methods to manage your canine’s watery eyes.

Woman petting white dog

First, Talk to Your Vet

If the tear stains are associated to defects or harm, veterinary care would be the solely approach to repair the issue. So, having your vet look at your canine’s eyes and tear stains is all the time a good suggestion. They can decide if the stains are simply treatable or in the event that they’re attributable to one thing extra severe.

In excessive circumstances, surgical procedure could also be wanted to enhance the drainage of your canine’s eyes. Other abnormalities require vet care, however are simpler to deal with, reminiscent of inverted eyelids. Vet remedies could sound scary, however it’s greatest to rule out these causes earlier than attempting to deal with the tear stains by yourself. Even in case your canine’s tear stains have a less complicated treatment, your vet may also help you establish the trigger and provide the greatest remedy suggestion.

Remove the Cause of the Stains

You might be able to eradicate exterior causes, reminiscent of allergy symptoms, out of your canine’s life. If your canine is allergic to a sure ingredient or product, protecting them away from that merchandise may scale back their tear manufacturing. Unsanitary meals and water dishes may additionally make canine eyes watery, so repeatedly clear the surfaces they work together with to forestall this.

Keep Your Dog’s Face Hair Short

Long hair is extra prone to gather eye goop than quick hair. Plus, lengthy fur round your canine’s eyes and mouth can irritate them, inflicting further tears. However, their face is a tough spot to groom, so it’s greatest to let an expert groomer deal with it. Ask your groomer to maintain the hair round their face further quick. Fuzzy faces may be cute, however your canine’s consolation issues greater than look.

Choose a Natural Tear Stain Remover

If nothing else appears to do the trick, there are many merchandise that may assist take away your canine’s tear stains. These merchandise can come within the type of liquid, powder, wipes, or treats, however not all merchandise are created equal. Be positive to totally analysis the merchandise and the corporate earlier than selecting which one is most secure and only to your furry buddy.

When utilizing a tear stain remover, consistency is essential. Your canine’s tear stains gained’t disappear in a single day. Instead, you’ll have to proceed utilizing the product to get the best outcomes. The timeframe is determined by the product, however many can take weeks for the tear stains to vanish utterly.

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Choosing the Best Tear Stain Products for Your Dog

With so many tear stain removers in the marketplace, it may be tough to seek out the most effective one to your pup. So, listed below are a couple of key options to search for.

Look for Safe, Effective Ingredients

Ingredients matter. Not solely ought to a product have efficient components, however it must also be pet-friendly. Look for merchandise which can be pure and freed from harsh chemical substances, antibiotics, and pesticides. Companies that actually care about their canine clients will solely use objects that the FDA considers secure.

Find a Product That’s Easy to Use

Many canine are prone to squirm if you attempt to clear close to their face. If that’s the case, you’ll desire a product that’s straightforward to make use of on tough canine. Wipes could make cleansing round your canine’s face straightforward as a result of they arrive pre-sized, so all you need to do is seize a wipe and begin cleansing your canine’s tear stains.

However, in case your canine can’t stand the thought of any object touching their face, you could possibly additionally select edible tear stain removers. If they give the impression of being and scent like treats, it’s unlikely that your canine will put up a battle.

Choose a Company You Can Trust

Any pet firm’s mission ought to be to create a greater life for animals. So, try the model’s web site and opinions to verify they obtain that aim. Creating secure, efficient merchandise in well-maintained services is an effective signal that the corporate cares in regards to the merchandise they promote. Many corporations will even settle for refunds if the merchandise aren’t profitable, which suggests they need to see your pup really feel higher!

Dog tear stain remover products

Keep Your Pup’s Face Clean with Petpost!

Petpost has a number of tear stain merchandise which have all of the superb qualities talked about above. Tear stain remover combs, liquids, wipes, and mushy chews are all grooming provides that this firm gives. Petpost has a wide range of efficient merchandise as a result of they need to make sure that no pet has to maintain coping with uncomfortable eye stains.

Petpost’s pure merchandise are all produced in clear, well-maintained services within the United States. If you need to clear your pup’s eye stains safely and effectively, think about giving these eco-friendly objects a strive!

You can order now with the code IHEARTDOGS to get 15% off Petpost tear stain merchandise. You can even get FREE SHIPPING on any U.S. orders which can be over $35!

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