A tiny pet named Olivia was born with entrance paws however no entrance legs to help them. So, a teacup canine breeder noticed no use for her and dropped her off at Fayette County Animal Control in West Virginia, asking them to euthanize her. But the employees took one take a look at the pet and knew they couldn’t finish her life. Olivia deserved a preventing likelihood.

With the assistance of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Olivia is feeling assured and joyful. While getting round is tough for her, volunteers are devoted to creating her life simpler. Soon, she’ll even have her personal wheelchair!


From Unwanted to Forever Loved

Olivia is lower than a yr outdated, and he or she solely weighed a half-pound when she arrived on the rescue. She went via orthopedic exams and x-rays, which decided that she wanted a wheelchair. Although, she will get round extremely nicely with out her entrance legs.

Homeward Trails is working with Bionic Pets to create a customized wheelchair for Olivia. It ought to arrive in a number of weeks, and it’ll modify to the pet’s dimension as she grows. In the meantime, Olivia loves spending time in her foster residence, the place she befriended a 65-pound Lab named Rey.

Tiny puppy weight

“They are real buds. Olivia is full of energy, and Rey is perpetually sleeping and laid back. Olivia jumps all over her,” stated Okay Scarry, Olivia’s foster father or mother. “Rey looks out for her.”

Scarry added that it’s an honor to foster Olivia and watch her develop. Olivia is Scarry’s first particular wants foster, however Scarry suspects she gained’t be her final. This pup’s story could have heartwarming, lasting results on her foster household.

Puppy cuddles finger

Olivia is Thriving!

Olivia doesn’t know she’s completely different from different canine. She’s a bundle of power and may hop anyplace she must go. She doesn’t let the problems of life maintain her again, and he or she solely continues to develop and thrive.

However, Sue Bell, the founding father of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, hopes that Olivia’s story teaches others about reckless breeding. When bringing a canine into your loved ones, you should be cautious about the place the canine is coming from.

Puppy with no front legs

“The breeding of these little teacup animals really does have real-life, negative impacts. And although the overbreeding of any animal at any size has an impact, we just hope that, as people are going out there and securing pets for their family, that they will be very mindful of where those pets are coming from,” Bell stated. “If from a breeder, that they’re visiting the breeder and they’re going to the sites, and they see how the animals are kept. They’re interviewing the breeders thoroughly to ensure that they are reputable.”

Olivia isn’t up for adoption but, however she probably will likely be as soon as her wheelchair arrives. After all, she’s doing even higher than anybody may’ve anticipated. If you’d like to assist help canine like Olivia, please donate to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

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