The day was taking part in out like some other day for Mission Texas resident, Melissa Janelle Torrez. It was a Friday afternoon and Torrez was on the point of go away house. However, simply as she was driving out of the neighborhood, Torrez was met with a really disturbing sight.

Mario Cardona, her 59-year-old neighbor, was cruising nonchalantly down the street on his motorized scooter. Dragging behind the scooter was Cardona’s 10-month-old German Sheperd pet, G2.

(Photo by CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley / YouTube)

Springing into Action

It’s laborious to confess, however most individuals are inclined to freeze when witnessing one thing horrible in public. This is usually referred to as the “bystander effect” – through which the bystander believes that someone else will take motion. Of course, when all bystanders imagine someone else will take motion, it leaves an entire lot of… nothing.

Luckily, Torrez was completely different.

With her blood operating chilly, she rapidly whipped out her cellphone and began recording the horrific incident.

“I was really upset,” she admitted. “A lot of people told me I should’ve cut the dog’s leash, I should’ve taken the dog, push [Cardona] off his wheelchair…and I wanted to do all those things, but I had to think with my mind and not my emotions.”

G2 most actually endured a traumatic occasion, however with the pup’s future in thoughts, what Torrez did was needed. Had she taken fast motion as a substitute of videotaping, G2 would possibly nonetheless be with Cardona. Plus, you may 100% hear the emotion in Torrez’s voice.

“Don’t worry,” Torrez shouts within the video. “Don’t worry – I’ll call the cops on you.”

Cruelty Knows No Bounds

Cardona is a daring and sick man.

Rather than being deterred throughout the capturing of the video, he informed Torrez, “Call them [police], it’s my dog!”

Mario Cardona dragging his 10-month-old German Sheperd, G2. (Photo by Melissa Torrez/Youtube)

(Photo by Melissa Torrez/Youtube)

Fortunately, that wasn’t the top of the story. Not solely did Torrez hand over the disturbing footage to the Mission Police Department, however she additionally uploaded the video to Facebook. In the top, even the police division supported Torrez’s fast resolution to tug out her cellphone and hit document.

“You know, something like this is great, because somebody actually provided us with video evidence,” Lt. Jody Tittle of the Mission Police Department informed WANE-TV. “Sometimes, animal cruelty is hard to prove, you know, as bad as that may sound.”

Within 15 hours, Cardona was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Mario Cardona, the man who was caught dragging G2 behind his motorized scooter in Mission, Texas. (Mugshot by Mission Police Department)

(Mugshot by Mission Police Department)

And because it seems, this wasn’t his first offense.

Cardona has a quite prolonged felony document, together with costs starting from assault and DUI to felony mischief and possession of cocaine. However, even with justice on their aspect, authorities nonetheless ran right into a brick wall of types throughout court docket.

You see, G2 apparently “belonged” to Rosa Maria Cardona, the defendant’s spouse. During the court docket proceedings, the Municipal Court Judge, Horacio Pena Jr., dominated that G2 wouldn’t be returned to her former “home”.

Mario Cardona's wife, Rosa Maria Cardona, testifying on his behalf in court - and rightfully getting shut down. (Picture by KVEO News)

Mario Cardona’s spouse, Rosa Maria Cardona, in court docket. (Picture by KVEO News)

Despite the decide’s fast ruling, Maria Cardona nonetheless insisted that her husband was depressed and affected by PTSD. She was adamant that he was not in the best mind-set, and since G2 was “technically” her canine, she ought to be returned to her.

A Brighter Future for G2

G2 found her forever home with Father Roy Snipes of the Our Lady Guadalupe Catholic Church. (Photo by CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley)

G2 discovered her without end house with Father Roy Snipes. (Photo by CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley)

Yeah, proper.

The decide rightfully caught to his first ruling. And though Cardona was launched from jail attributable to his medical situations, he did must return to court docket and pay a $10,000 bond.

As for G2 – the pup’s traumatic childhood was over.

Although her journey will nonetheless contain numerous therapeutic, G2 was lastly in a position to begin transferring ahead when Father Roy Snipes of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church welcomed her into his household. Renamed “Ceniza” by Father Snipes that means “Ash” in Spanish – this pup has really risen from the ashes just like the mighty Phoenix. It’s secure to say she’s lastly discovered her one true without end house.

G2 with her new human, Father Roy Snipes. (Picture by CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley / YouTube)

G2 along with her new human, Father Roy Snipes. (Picture by CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley / YouTube)

A Twist of Events

But the story doesn’t finish there.

In a shock twist of occasions, it turned out that Father Snipes was additionally Cardona’s priest. In an interview, he claimed that Cardona “wasn’t aware” G2 had fallen over, and that he was being sometimes sarcastic within the video.

While members of the church might have forgiven Cardona, the remainder of the neighborhood remained understandably outraged. But, similar to anger may be changed into forgiveness, it will also be changed into one thing larger.

Moved by Torrez’s actions to save lots of G2 from abuse, Mission officers based Pawsible. The group usually works towards rescuing abused pups and instructing youngsters methods to take correct care of their furry pals.

Pawsible, the Mission group dedicated to saving abused pups. (Photo by Pawsible)

Pawsible, the Mission group devoted to saving abused pups. (Photo by Pawsible)


WARNING: the video beneath incorporates graphic content material.

The video above exhibits the sick, disturbing actions of Mario Cardona, caught red-handed by Melissa Janelle Torrez.

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