If your cat is wholesome, you in all probability haven’t thought a lot about their urine, besides possibly when the litter field wants altering. But urine isn’t only a means of transporting waste out of your cat’s physique. It also can present perception into your cat’s well being, together with indicators of an infection or having a medical situation like urinary stones or most cancers.

But to actually hear what your cat’s urine is saying, you want somebody to gather a pattern.

Collecting a “Clean” Urine Sample

The methodology used for gathering a urine pattern out of your cat will rely upon the kind of assessments your veterinarian has ordered. For some analyses, gathering urine utilizing the “free catch” methodology (gathering urine because it leaves the physique) or gathering it from a tabletop or litter field crammed with plastic beads could also be positive. But these assortment strategies will lead to a “dirty” pattern that probably contains micro organism, cells and different contaminants from the urethra, genital space or desk/litter field floor. If the aim of the urine pattern is to verify an an infection like a urinary tract an infection (UTI), the contaminated pattern can’t be used.

The gold commonplace for gathering urine samples, and the strategy that may present a sterile, uncontaminated pattern, is cystocentesis. For this process, a needle is inserted by way of the stomach wall immediately into the urinary bladder, presumably by utilizing an ultrasound for steerage. Cystocentesis is a straightforward process and never as painful because it sounds.

The Two Cs of Urine: Color and Clarity

It’s not as fairly to have a look at as diamonds, however the coloration and readability of urine can present plenty of helpful data. Normal cat urine is a yellow to amber coloration. A crimson coloration might point out blood within the urine, and orange urine could also be brought on by bilirubin (a doable signal of liver illness). The readability of the urine needs to be clear to barely cloudy. Urine can seem cloudy or turbid if it incorporates cells, crystals or micro organism.

The Gravity of the Situation

Urine particular gravity (USG) measures the kidney’s skill to pay attention urine and is assessed utilizing a refractometer. If USG is low, the kidneys will not be functioning accurately. A low USG also can point out that your cat has elevated water consumption. This could also be as a result of a medical situation (e.g., diabetes or hyperthyroidism) or a non-medical purpose (e.g., it was a very sizzling day worthy of numerous journeys to the water station). An elevated USG is often as a result of dehydration.

Dipsticks Aren’t Just for Oil

A dipstick check, which is a plastic strip lined with a number of pads, is often used to measure the chemical properties of urine, together with pH, glucose, ketones, protein, bilirubin and blood. The particular person dipstick pads change coloration when dipped into the urine, and the colours are then in comparison with the offered chart to evaluate the outcomes. The presence of a specific substance, or outcomes which can be outdoors the conventional vary, may be indicators of illness.


What the Eye Can’t See, the Microscope Can

After analyzing the bodily and chemical properties of urine, additional data may be gained by analyzing the urine beneath a microscope. To do that, the urine is centrifuged (spun at very excessive pace) and the sediment on the backside of the tube is collected. The sediment is examined beneath a microscope to search for micro organism, crimson or white blood cells, crystals, and in some circumstances, cancerous cells.

Normal urine doesn’t include micro organism. If micro organism are detected, a urine tradition and sensitivity check could also be really useful to assist establish the micro organism concerned and decide the best antibiotic to deal with the an infection. Crystals within the urine symbolize a threat issue of urinary stone formation (kidney stones or bladder stones) and an stomach X-ray could also be really useful to examine for urinary tract stones. An stomach X-ray or ultrasound may be really useful if cancerous cells are detected. This will enable examination of your entire urinary tract for proof of a tumor or different downside.


With comparatively easy assortment and evaluation strategies, a urine pattern can present your veterinarian with plenty of details about your cat’s well being, and it may well assist decide the subsequent steps on your cat’s care.


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