Mahoning County, Ohio deputy canine warden Dave Nelson was solely attempting to assist a mistreated canine when he answered a name on July 20, 2021. A person had the canine on a sequence and was dragging him down the road.

Not lengthy after Nelson arrived on the scene, that man attacked him with a knife. Nelson was taken to Mercy Health for remedy, whereas the Youngstown Police Department took the perpetrator into custody.


Animal Charity coordinator Jane MacMurchy instructed WKBN how harmful animal welfare work has turn out to be of their space:

“Ultimately, the dogs and cats that we’re rescuing are coming from a lot of these same crime scenes that there are shootings at.”

Fortunately, the canine was taken to a shelter, the place he was named Nelson after the person who got here to assist him.

Nelson Makes His Namesake’s Efforts Worthwhile

Recently, George Zordich and his daughters misplaced their canine, and so they lastly determined to go to shelters in the hunt for one other one. After a little bit of looking, they met Nelson. Right away, he stole their hearts.

“He was the first one they brought out, and they fell in love with him, and we went home and thought about it for a week and went back and we got him. He gets along with the kids perfectly. They play… From the moment we introduced them, they were just like best friends. Outside all day playing and just having a good time.”


Though they’re those who saved him, Zordich and his girlfriend Bethany Gillespie instructed WKBN how grateful they’re to have Nelson of their lives.

“We’re just so thankful that we have Nelson. He fits with us perfectly. He’s so calm and gentle, and he’s just a blessing.”


Because the deputy canine warden put himself into hurt’s approach for this pup’s sake, canine Nelson now has a contented life and an enormous, loving household. Nelson’s adopters haven’t any plans to rename their canine both.

“We felt that you can’t change a name like that after what Dave did for him, so he’s Nelson forever.”

Hopefully, Dave Nelson has a speedy restoration. He’ll probably be very completely happy to know his work introduced pleasure to a complete household. Zordich mentioned he actually appreciates the warden placing a canine’s welfare first, as a result of this canine deserves higher.

“The whole situation is just terrible. I think, when you look at him and — he’s just got those eyes. We tell each other all the time. It’s like you’re looking at a person and talking to him. He looks back at you. You can tell that there’s something special.”

That’s what animal welfare work is all about.

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