It was Friday, May thirteenth, in Parker County, Texas, when authorities have been referred to as to research a case of animal cruelty. The day was swelteringly sizzling within the southern state, and temperatures had topped out at 102 levels.

Neighbors observed a particularly regarding set of circumstances occurring subsequent door and determined to name in reinforcements for assist, leading to each a tragedy and an arrest.

Screenshot, CBS News

When authorities arrived on scene, they have been horrified to see {that a} poor, defenseless canine had been cruelly left in an atrocious set of circumstances. Not solely was the poor pup deserted and left alone outdoors whereas his careless proprietor left for the whole day, however she appeared to fail to contemplate the results of long-term publicity to dangerously excessive warmth.

Dog Tied

The poor pup was left alone outdoors and compelled to stay in a small, fenced-in space that was suffering from trash and surrounded by hen wire. But, simply to ensure that they remained within the boiling yard, the poor pup was additionally tethered by way of wire to the fence. 

“We cannot stress enough that all animals need adequate shade, shelter, food and water. In the rising heat, make certain you provide proper care for your pets. Animal deaths by heat stroke can be prevented,” said Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier.

As if being contained to a tiny space within the blistering warmth wasn’t torturous sufficient, the canine’s proprietor failed to offer any type of construction that provided any type of shade or safety. There wasn’t even any meals or water accessible for the unprotected pup to eat or drink. Neighbors reported to the authorities that the canine’s pants have been so loud that the carrying sounds grabbed their consideration from the within of their dwelling subsequent door. 

Dog Drink

Panting is how canine eradicate extra warmth and use the motion to flow into cooler temperatures all through their our bodies. All of the sights and sounds have been so regarding to the neighbors that they determined to name the authorities. But intervention arrived too late. When Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, the candy pup had already suffered extreme heatstroke and was pronounced deceased. 

Dod Tied

The canine’s proprietor, 28-year-old Rachel Louise Langley, was arrested and brought into custody on May nineteenth. She was charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals by failure to offer meals, water, care, or shelter and was taken to the Parker County Jail. A bond has but to be set.

Featured Photo: Screenshot, CBS News

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