A lady within the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles unknowingly performed foster mother to at least one extra canine this week when a daring coyote scaled her 6-foot privateness fence and entered her dwelling by means of the doggy door. Julie Levine runs a non-profit referred to as Canine Rescue Connection, which makes a speciality of rehoming Beagles.

The coyote was caught on Levine’s Ring cameras openly coming into the house in the midst of the night time whereas she and the canine have been sleeping.


“The dogs went crazy, and then I said this happened before with a rat, what else could be out there now?” Levine mentioned.

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Luckily, the coyote had already fled by the point the canine wakened and caught its scent, so there was no bodily confrontation. It wasn’t till Levine checked her cameras to see what the fuss was about that she realized what had occurred. 

“I think he probably went down the hall, saw what he was up against, and probably skedaddled out of there,” Levine mentioned. “Then when the dogs realized they caught the scent, because they are beagles, they have incredible noses, and went nuts, and that’s why I decided to look at the security camera to see what all the hubbub was about, and turns out, it was a very large coyote.”


In complete, the predator remained inside her dwelling for about three minutes. This incident comes simply days after a coyote attacked one other household’s canine in the identical neighborhood.

“The son found it when it happened and pulled the dog out of its mouth,” Levine mentioned.

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It is nearly unparalleled for coyotes to enter houses, however they’re recognized to injure and even kill small pets discovered outdoor. While they hardly ever assault people, their habitat and meals sources proceed to decrease, making predators like coyotes and mountain lions ever extra determined. A coyote attacked a baby at Huntington Beach Pier in April, leaving her with facial accidents.

“They’re definitely very brazen, I mean to go inside the house like they belong there … We know they can scale fences, but we just didn’t think that they would go through the dog door itself and be in the house,” Levine mentioned.

Levine has since boarded up her doggy door. She hopes this incident serves as a warning to different Los Angeles pet dad and mom.

“They are bold, they are smart, they are looking for food, they’re looking for water and they may just bring some friends back the next time around,” she mentioned.

Featured Images through Facebook/Canine Rescue Connection

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