After receiving a name a few stray horse noticed on a busy avenue in Philadelphia, rescuers weren’t positive what to anticipate. Typically, if you consider a bustling metropolis, horses aren’t precisely the primary animal to thoughts.

So, what was a horse doing hanging out within the metropolis within the first place? And why was he wandering round on their own?


Luckily, native residents have been fast to name ACCT, Philadelphia’s solely animal care and management group, after they witnessed the deserted horse wandering down Darien Street in Hunting Park. Not solely did it appear to be this stunning boy was in tough form, however it was additionally a sweltering day. Plus, a metropolis avenue will not be a secure place for a horse to be roaming alone.

Damien on street

“Thankfully, the horse, now named Darien, was in good hands with the community who kept him cool and safe until we were able to load him on our trailer and get him off the busy street,” shared ACCT Philly.

Not solely have been witnesses fast to name the authorities, however the group got here collectively to maintain Darien secure, safe, and within the shade till assist arrived. Together, they saved him out of hurt’s means and showered him with love till the trailer got here.

Technically, proudly owning and preserving a horse in Philadelphia isn’t unlawful, however horses require a specific amount of area and specialised care to be joyful and wholesome.

Horse in Philly

It seems that this candy soul had been bought earlier within the day, however was instantly deserted after his new proprietor skilled some regret. When witnesses have been questioned by authorities, they claimed that the person who bought him mentioned he didn’t have any horseshoes, a necessity to guard his hooves from the road. He then mentioned he not needed him and left him there.

“Darien is resting comfortably tonight, we are so thankful to the people who cared after seeing him abandoned. He’s very underweight and will need some extra TLC, and we are reaching out to our rescue partners about him as a Philly is no place for a horse of course!”

This scenario warrants many questions. Why would somebody buy a horse after which select to desert all of them inside the similar day? And who was caring for him prior to now that clearly uncared for him and allowed him to get into such poor situation?


Luckily, Darien is now within the care of a company that may guarantee he receives the love and care he deserves. Before he turns into obtainable for adoption, Darien wants an opportunity to relaxation and get well.

Featured Photo: Facebook

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