• With competitors about to get underway correctly on the 2022 Badminton Horse Trials, introduced by Mars Equestrian, we check out what lies forward for riders on the cross-country course on Saturday 7 May. The course is roughly 6,700m in size and has an optimum time of 11min45sec. Designed by Eric Winter, how will this 12 months’s Badminton Horse Trials cross-country course journey?

    Fence one: Spillers Starter

    Fence two: Mike Weaver’s Haywain

    Fence three: The Badminton Logs

    Fence 4 ABC: HorseQuest Quarry

    Fence 4 BC various route

    Fence 5: RDA Fundraiser

    Fence six ABC: Voltaire Design Huntsman’s Close

    Fence seven: Pedigree Kennels

    Fence eight: Lightsource bp Lower Lake

    Fence 9/10AB:Badminton Lake

    Alternative fence 10B

    Fence 11: World Horse Welfare Lakeside

    Fence 12AB: Clarence Court Egg Boxes

    Fence 13: Ford Broken Bridge

    Fence 14ABC: KBIS Brush Village

    Fence 15: Mars Equestrian Footbridge

    Fence 16: Countryside Alliance Roll Top Brush

    Fence 17AB: Mars Equestrian Sustainability Bay

    Fence 18ABC: LeMieux Leap

    Fence in entrance can be eliminated previous to competitors

    Alternative fence 18C

    Fence 19AB/20: Nyetimber Corners

    Alternative fence 19A

    Alternative fence 19B

    Fence 21/22: Rolex Rails

    Alternative fence 21

    Alternative fence 22

    Fence 23AB: Holland Cooper Vicarage Vee

    Alternative fence 23AB

    Fence 24ABCD: Lightsource bp Solar Farm

    Alternative fence 24ABCD

    Fence 25: Badminton Collection Flower Boxes

    Fence 26AB/27: Mars M

    Fence 28: Brewers Barrels

    Fence 29AB: Saville Hay Feeder

    Riders can select which half B they wish to take from the three packing containers under

    Fence 30: Joules Keepers Brush (riders can select to leap both the left-handed or right-handed home)

    Fence 31: Rolex Trunk (fencing can be eliminated)

    Fence 32: Platinum Jubilee

    Read our full Badminton type information on this week’s problem of Horse & Hound (problem dated 5 May 2022). Our bumper 20-page Badminton report can be in our 12 May problem.

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