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Most of us have in all probability heard that canine don’t sweat. And if we’re speaking about how canine cool themselves, it’s true that sweat isn’t the primary means canine launch physique warmth after they’re slightly scorching underneath the collar. But do you know that canine can truly sweat, just a bit bit? It’s pawfectly true!

Dogs Do Have Sweat Glands

Dogs even have two sorts of sweat glands: apocrine glands and merocrine glands. Apocrine glands are the glands that people use to sweat, however in canine these glands aren’t used to launch sweat; as an alternative they secrete pheromones for sending “scent messages” to different canine.

However, canine do have merocrine sweat glands of their paw pads (and probably noses) that may produce sweat. But this tiny quantity of sweat isn’t going to chill their physique down — in order that’s the place panting is available in.

Panting: The Best Way to Cool a Hot Dog

The principal means that your canine regulates their temperature is thru panting. Panting permits air to flow into rapidly by their respiratory system and for water to evaporate out of your canine’s tongue, mouth and higher airways, which cools their physique down. If canine are scorching, they pant greater than standard to launch extra physique warmth. And right here’s a bonus reality: Dogs may also launch slightly physique warmth by blood vessels near the floor of their pores and skin.

Water, Water and More Cool Water

Panting (and to a lesser extent these sweaty paws) causes moisture loss out of your canine’s physique. This water must be changed; in any other case they may turn into dehydrated, which may result in critical well being situations. Water helps your canine’s physique preserve a standard temperature, particularly when it’s evaporated throughout panting (or by that little little bit of sweating).

If you discover your canine is panting greater than standard, discover a shady space or an air conditioned room and provide them cool, contemporary water. Always be sure your canine has entry to loads of water, notably after they’re exterior on a scorching day. If you’re away from dwelling and it’s a scorching or humid day, it’s a good suggestion to pack a collapsible bowl and water bottles so that you may give your canine water, irrespective of the place you’re.

Sometimes Panting Isn’t Enough

If a canine can’t pant quick sufficient, or if the environmental temperature and/or humidity is simply too excessive, their physique temperature can improve to harmful ranges. A excessive core temperature may cause warmth exhaustion or worse, warmth stroke. Signs of warmth exhaustion embody extreme panting, transferring slowly, numerous drooling, restlessness and purple pores and skin on the canine’s muzzle, ears and stomach. If a canine’s physique temperature rises to larger than 104°F, they’re vulnerable to warmth stroke, which will be deadly. Overweight canine are notably in danger for creating warmth stroke. Signs of warmth stroke embody pale or purple gums, staggering or wobbling when strolling, seizures, quick coronary heart charge, vomiting and lack of consciousness.

If you canine is exhibiting indicators of warmth exhaustion, it is best to transfer them to a cool space (like an air-conditioned room, if out there) and encourage them to drink contemporary, cool water (however don’t pressure them to drink). If you observed your canine has warmth stroke, it is a medical emergency and it is best to search veterinary care instantly. If doable, cool your canine down with room-temperature water (not ice water) or apply moist towels earlier than getting them into the automobile. Then drive them to a veterinary clinic with the air-con on or the automobile home windows down.


Panting is the primary means for canine to launch physique warmth, however they do have the power to sweat from their paw pads. So if canine can sweat from their paws, does that imply they get “sweaty palms” after they’re anxious? A query for an additional time!


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