If you discover your canine scratching, biting, chewing or rubbing sooooo a lot that it causes bald spots or damages their pores and skin, they could be prone to creating a fungal pores and skin an infection (or have already got one). Skin infections attributable to fungi are comparatively frequent in canine and sometimes develop because of an underlying well being difficulty. Here are a few of the frequent and not-so-common fungal pores and skin infections that may have an effect on canine and, in some circumstances, be handed to folks, too.

Malassezia Dermatitis (Yeast Infection)

Malassezia pachydermatis is a naturally occurring yeast usually present in small numbers on the pores and skin and within the ears of canine. However, underlying well being situations can promote the overgrowth of this opportunistic yeast, resulting in an an infection. High humidity and temperatures can even enhance the danger of a yeast an infection.

M. pachydermatis is a standard explanation for pores and skin infections in canine, notably these with a weakened immune system, or canine with allergic reactions, hypothyroidism, a bacterial pores and skin an infection or different illness that impacts the pores and skin’s oil glands. But there may be some excellent news — M. pachydermatis is just not contagious.

If your canine has a yeast an infection on their pores and skin, they may in all probability be scratching, chewing and rubbing frenziedly to cease the itching. Their pores and skin could be smelly and crusty and should grow to be thickened and darkly pigmented. Yeast can unfold throughout your canine’s physique, however it prefers moist, heat locations like of their ears, between their toes, and of their neck, armpits or groin.

If your veterinarian suspects your canine has a yeast an infection, they may sometimes use a microscope to have a look at pores and skin particles that has been stained with a selected dye for diagnosing a yeast an infection. Antifungals can be found in each topical and oral types in your veterinarian to deal with yeast infections. Medicated shampoos and ointments (for small areas) are used for delicate yeast infections, however extra extreme infections might require a mixture of topical and oral antifungal drugs. Your veterinarian may even deal with any underlying well being points that will have brought about the yeast an infection to start with.


Despite the title, a worm doesn’t really trigger ringworm — though it does seem like a round rash on the pores and skin. It’s a standard fungal an infection in canine that causes itchy and crusty pores and skin, bald patches and simply damaged nails. Dogs who’ve pores and skin issues already (e.g., from allergic reactions or fleas), or who’ve an open wound, have an elevated threat of contracting ringworm.

Probably crucial truth to find out about ringworm is that it’s extremely contagious and might unfold between pets and folks — particularly those that reside in the identical home as a pet (or particular person) with ringworm. The spores from the ringworm fungus are launched into the surroundings, so ringworm could be contracted from objects in the home, not simply from direct contact with the contaminated pet or particular person.

Ringworm is identified by analyzing your canine’s hair beneath a microscope or by doing a fungal tradition of their pores and skin cells or hair. Treatment sometimes features a medicated shampoo with or with out oral antifungal drugs. An vital step for lowering the unfold (and recurrence) of ringworm is to restrict family contact along with your canine whereas they’re present process therapy (and shedding infectious spores), and to wash and disinfect your own home usually.

Other Fungal Skin Infections

Two different fungal pores and skin infections that may have an effect on canine (however are uncommon) embody sporotrichosis and lagenidiosis. Sporotrichosis is attributable to a fungus discovered naturally in soil and on crops. Skin infections often happen through a wound attributable to a international physique (e.g., thorn or splinter) contaminated with the fungus. The sporotrichosis fungus can even have an effect on different elements of the physique and go between animals and folks. Treatment often requires long-term use of antifungal drugs.

Lagenidiosis impacts the pores and skin and the realm beneath the pores and skin however can even have an effect on different elements of the physique. It is attributable to a mildew sometimes present in heat and stagnant freshwater. Surgery and long-term antifungal drugs are sometimes used to attempt to management this an infection, however therapy isn’t all the time profitable.


If your canine is licking, chewing or scratching excessively, or when you discover modifications in your canine’s pores and skin and coat, contact your veterinarian. If it’s a fungal pores and skin an infection, it’s vital to know which fungus brought about the an infection so your veterinarian can present the proper therapy plan in your canine, and you’ll hold the remainder of your family wholesome.


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