Lyme illness is a tick-transmitted ailment that’s frequent in canine. Luckily, month-to-month preventatives assist preserve them secure from issues like this, however nothing is 100% efficient. So, with Lyme illness seemingly on the rise, it’s an excellent time to ensure your canine is as protected as attainable.

Vets in Maine have been seeing Lyme illness circumstances not less than as soon as a day, which is greater than in earlier summers. They imagine there are a couple of elements contributing to those rising numbers, and so they’re recommending many precautions pet dad and mom ought to take to maintain ticks away from their furry mates.

An Increasing Risk of Lyme Disease

Dr. Julia Lucas from Cumberland Animal Clinic in Maine mentioned that she’s additional busy due to a rise in Lyme illness circumstances. She mentioned one of many first indicators is when pets appear drained or torpid. Then, signs can shortly worsen if not detected.

“We are seeing at least a positive every day, sometimes two or three positives a day on our blood work,” Lucas mentioned.

Dr. Lucas believes the rise this 12 months has to do with the rising temperatures inflicting ticks to turn into lively earlier within the 12 months. She additionally identified that lots of people adopted pets for the primary time throughout the pandemic, so they may not know easy methods to correctly defend their pets from fleas and ticks.

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Deer tick close up

Ticks have to be connected to a canine for not less than 24 hours to unfold the micro organism that trigger Lyme illness. Lyme illness signs might be minor for months however finally turn into life-threatening if not observed in time. Deer ticks (also called black-legged ticks) are the commonest carriers of Lyme illness micro organism.

According to Dr. Lucas, cats aren’t liable to Lyme illness like canine are as a result of they’re extra proof against the micro organism.

Common Symptoms of Canine Lyme Disease

If you latterly needed to pull a tick off your canine, you need to preserve an eye fixed out for Lyme illness signs. Ticks which can be noticed instantly gained’t have sufficient time to cross the micro organism to your canine, nevertheless it’s simple for these tiny critters to go unnoticed in your canine’s fur.

Here are some signs of Lyme illness in canine:

  • Lethargy
  • Lameness
  • Joint swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Fever
  • Loss of urge for food

Dog in tall grass

In extreme circumstances, Lyme illness may cause kidney injury in canine. It may additionally hurt the guts and nervous system.

If you discover a number of of the above signs, even for those who haven’t discovered a tick in your canine, you need to schedule a vet check-up. It’s higher to be secure than sorry along with your pup’s well being.

Can Lyme Disease Be Treated?

Yes, canine Lyme illness might be handled by giving the canine antibiotics for about 30 days. Depending on the scenario, extended signs could happen, requiring additional remedy.

Luckily, Lyme illness isn’t contagious and might’t be handed from a canine to different pets or people. However, for those who have been in the identical surroundings as your canine, ensure you test for ticks on your self.

Ways to Prevent Canine Lyme Disease

Prevention is the important thing to preserving ticks away, and it could actually provide help to fear much less about your canine getting sick. Anywhere with lengthy grass may carry ticks, even backyards and parks. So, you don’t must be tenting or mountaineering in a secluded space to your canine to be in danger.

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Conduct Regular Tick Checks

Checking your canine for ticks is one of the best ways to maintain them secure. Feel round their physique for small lumps that might be ticks, particularly proper after they walked via tall grass. If you see a tick climbing on them or biting them, take away it instantly. Using tweezers is the best approach to safely take away a tick.

Ticks wish to chunk smooth components of the physique or hidden areas. So, pay shut consideration round their toes, ears, lips, and butt.

Use a Monthly Preventative

No matter the place you reside, your canine ought to be taking some kind of flea and tick preventative. Most choices have to be given each 30 days to be simplest, and you should buy topical choices at pet shops.

Oral preventatives are more practical than topical ones, however they require a vet’s prescription. If you reside someplace that’s heat year-round, they’ll be the most secure choice to your pup.

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Border Collie running outside

Take Your Veterinarian’s Advice

If you need extra tips about easy methods to defend your canine from Lyme illness, discuss to your vet about precautions to take. There is a Lyme vaccine for canines, nevertheless it won’t be helpful for each canine, so ask your vet if it’s proper to your furry good friend.

It’s necessary to maintain an eye fixed out for ticks yearly, however with Lyme illness on the rise, it’s additional essential now. So, for those who haven’t checked your canine for ticks not too long ago, do this as quickly as attainable. Even in the event that they’re on a preventative, they might nonetheless be affected.


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