Most canine meet-ups are chaotic, particularly for high-energy canine who like to play. But some canine lovers overlook that not all pups have that kind of response when seeing fellow furry mates.

The proud father or mother of a former avenue canine posted an adorably awkward video that exhibits how shy canine work together at canine occasions. They introduced their rescue canine, Qila, to hang around with a gaggle of different “introverted” canine. The pups within the video seem like they’re unsure what they’re alleged to do, however they’re studying.


Qila’s Rough Past

Rescuers discovered Qila wandering the streets of Russia whereas she was closely pregnant. Some individuals suspected that her household deserted her as soon as she acquired pregnant. Russian Rescue Dogs took her in and helped her discover a ceaselessly residence.

Sofia Rosten and her boyfriend, who each dwell in Sweden, had been trying to undertake a canine for some time, and after they noticed Qila, they fell in love. At first, Qila was very shy, however she rapidly grew keen on her new household. She loves cuddling and getting consideration from them, however when she meets different canine, she doesn’t know the best way to act.

Stray dog adoption day

Qila acquired extra comfy in her residence each day, however Rosten wished to seek out extra methods to spice up her confidence. So, she discovered a get-together for shy canine in Sweden that was hosted by a canine psychologist. Rosten had no concept the meet-up would develop into a success on social media.

“My dog is introverted so we went for a meeting with like-minded dogs. This is what happened,” Rosten wrote for the video caption.

Dog and human flower crowns

A Hangout for Introverted Dogs

The meet-up was about an hour lengthy and was at an outside area stuffed with shy, nervous canine like Qila. They spent a while sniffing one another, however most of the interactions concerned the canine calmly sitting round, not acknowledging one another.

Many of the pups seem like they’re avoiding eye contact. Qila appeared extra interested by biting bugs than taking part in with different canine.

Introverted dog meetup

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Rosten mentioned essentially the most awkward half was towards the tip when the occasion was winding down. The canine seemed like they have been at an uncomfortable workplace social gathering, and their social battery for the day had run out. Rosten recorded the canine as a result of she thought their expressions have been amusing.

“This was almost at the end of the meeting and we all thought it looked so funny so I recorded it,” Rosten wrote with the video.

Dog waving paw

As weird because the meet-up seemed, it appeared to assist Qila a bit. It was a possibility for her to work together with comparable canine with out being overwhelmed by hyper pet power. The introverted attitudes of those canine show that our furry mates may relate to us greater than we understand.

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

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