When the Camp Fire approached Bill and Andrea Gaylord’s 80-acre ranch that they had solely minutes to evacuate. They tried to deliver their two Anatolian Shepherd canines, Miguel and Madison, to security however each canines ran off to guard the property, and so they have been compelled to go away with out them.

The Camp Fire burned over 153,000 acres, destroying buildings and tearing aside households. Many individuals, just like the Gaylords, have been compelled to go away their pets and have been unsure about their destiny. However, organizations within the space had volunteers who have been prepared to test on pets. Bill and Andrea, extraordinarily fearful about her canines, had known as K9 Paw Print Rescue and requested that somebody test to see if Miguel and Madison have been okay. The job fell to Shayla Sullivan, who drove out to the neighborhood to see if the canines might be discovered.


Finding the tackle was troublesome. The fireplace had destroyed the realm, which Shalya describes as “pitch black and desolate.” Workers within the space had noticed the 2 canines, so she was sure that they had survived the hearth, however she hoped to deliver them again to the rescue and reunite them with Bill and Andrea.

In a Facebook put up, Shayla describes the primary few days of her search,

“Poor infants I used to be certain have been shut, nonetheless guarding the ashes of their house.

“We didn’t have any luck so we left some meals by the gate. Later I known as the proprietor to let her know we had been there. She defined a bit of extra what her place was like. The manner she was seeing it was a lot totally different than my view. I attempted to focus on particulars that have been nonetheless there corresponding to asphalt and a black iron gate. I knew instantly that we hadn’t gone far sufficient in, so I made the notes to return to the proper place the following day.

“This became my ticket and each day I talked to Ann (Andrea.) I kept the “difficult “ tickets as my own because I wanted to make sure someone got there each day. Ann always was so happy to hear my voice…. needing an ear and hoping for good news. Each day it was the same… I didn’t see them BUT I left them food and water.”

Shayla visited the property every day to go away meals and water for the canines. She started to go away boiled hen, hoping that the canines would stick round to satisfy her for meals sooner or later.

Eventually, Shayla was requested to surrender her job and had no selection however to conform. She assured Andrea that others would take up the seek for her canines, however she was requested to maneuver on to different enterprise. She and Andrea stored in contact, and sooner or later, Andrea let Shayla know that somebody on Facebook had seen an image posted of Miguel, however she wasn’t certain the place he was or easy methods to get involved with the individuals who had discovered him.

Shayla took up the search on Facebook, and this time, she discovered Miguel – about 90 miles away in Sacramento!  Andrea and her husband have been desirous to be reunited with Miguel, however the two are older, and Andrea has a incapacity, so driving wouldn’t be straightforward. So Shayla volunteered to make the drive and deal with the lengthy verification course of to say Miguel for them.

“Arian [Kaloke] assured me she would stay open and she was true to her word. She had groomed and loved on Miguel the whole time he was there. Her happy tears showed me that her heart is just like mine. They brought Miquel out and he was sad and timid. Of course he showed little emotion, after all I was NOT his people. We took our verifying pictures so that I could claim him. I led him out to the truck and for once he wagged his tail.”

In late November, the Gaylord household was reunited with Miguel. However, they have been nonetheless lacking Madison. During this time, Shayla continued to test on the property and native Facebook misplaced and located pages, hoping Madison’s picture would flip up like Miguel’s had.

On December fifth, the evacuation order for the realm was lifted, and Andrea and her husband may lastly return to test on their house. When they arrived, they noticed their lacking canine ready patiently for them!

“I had sighted Madison just a few occasions deep within the Canyon BUT knew he took his job significantly and wasn’t going to be a straightforward catch. After assembly Andrea in particular person once I took Miguel to her, I had the concept of inserting an article of clothes that will scent like her to maintain Madison’s hope alive till his individuals may return.

“WELL, I’m so HAPPY to report that Andrea was allowed to return to her property today and THERE MADISON WAS!!!! He had stayed to protect what was left of his home, and NEVER gave up on his people! I’m so happy I’m crying as I write this! He didn’t give up through the storms or the fire! A LOOOOONG month it must have been for him!”

The household’s property had been charred, however each canines have been protected and wholesome! Madison had by no means left the property, and stayed guarding the ashes even after his individuals returned. A number of days later, he met Miguel once more, and the household was lastly all collectively.

“I had the pleasure of selecting up Andrea and Miguel. Miguel was very suspicious of me, however he finally loaded into the truck. I feel he remembered me. It was an extended journey again to his house, and he was stressed. He had NO concept I used to be going to re unite him together with his brother.

“It was the BEST feeling having Madison meet our truck. After feeding him for almost a month, but NOT knowing he was for sure still there, seeing him was surreal. He followed the truck, so he must have sensed Miguel was aboard. He was wagging his tail as if to tell me ‘I know you from around here, I think you’re pretty ok.’”

Thanks to Shayla’s dedication to serving to the Gaylords, their household is complete once more.

“I’ve been requested many occasions over these final weeks what retains me going when rescuing and caring for animals. Today I skilled the what, in a manner like NO different.

“I enjoy the people connection as much as I do the animals. After all, people who love their animals are part of the equation.”

“Reuniting Miguel and Madison was wonderful. They mentioned their HELLOS after which went again to work. Miguel took Guard over the decrease a part of the property and Madison took the highest.

“We looked around and still are amazed that both dogs survived. It’s a true testament to the instincts these dogs have. Their people lost multiple family homes. Andreas spirit is uplifting and she hopes to rebuild a new home for the boys to watch over.”

H/T: Inside Edition
Featured Photo: K9 Paw Print Rescue/Facebook


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