There are many toxins, meals, medication and illnesses that may trigger acute kidney harm in canines. But do you know there’s an opportunity it may occur as a result of your canine was swimming in a lake or taking part in in slow-moving water? Keep studying to be taught extra about leptospirosis and the potential results it may well have in your canine’s kidneys (and yours, too).

What Is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis (additionally known as “lepto”) is an an infection brought on by micro organism within the Leptospira genus. Most mammals generally is a provider of the micro organism, that means they’ll harbor the leptospires (micro organism) of their kidneys. Carriers don’t present indicators of sickness however they’ll nonetheless shed the infectious leptospires of their urine. For animals that do present indicators of an infection (together with some canines and folks), signs could be delicate or as extreme as kidney and liver injury or demise, relying on the pressure of the micro organism and the age and well being standing of the contaminated animal.

Multiple Infection Sources

Leptospires are generally present in soil, rivers, lakes and streams, or different areas with heat, slow-moving or stagnant water. Infected animals shed the micro organism of their urine, permitting entry of the micro organism into soil and water the place they’ll survive for months. The shores of lakes and rivers, and moist, shaded grassy areas can be residence to the micro organism.

Dogs of any age and breed can turn into contaminated with leptospires via publicity to contaminated water and soil or via contact with an contaminated animal (e.g., from their urine, from a chunk or by consuming prey). The micro organism can enter their physique via their eyes, nostril, mouth and open pores and skin wounds. So canines can nonetheless turn into contaminated even when they aren’t taking part in round stagnant water.

It’s necessary to notice that leptospirosis is a zoonotic illness, which implies in case your canine is contaminated, they’ll unfold the an infection to you or different members of the family. Just like canines, individuals also can turn into contaminated from swimming or boating in contaminated water.

Leptospirosis Symptoms

Most uncovered canines are carriers and don’t present any indicators of leptospirosis. However, some canines can develop delicate signs and others can have life-threatening signs. Signs of leptospirosis embrace fever, shivering, vomiting, diarrhea, elevated thirst and urination, sore muscle groups and jaundice (yellow gums, eyes and pores and skin). In extreme instances, bleeding problems and liver and kidney injury also can happen.

How Does Leptospirosis Affect the Kidneys?

In extreme instances, leptospirosis may cause acute kidney harm in canines. The leptospires can enter the kidneys inflicting the area between the kidney tubules to turn into infected (interstitial nephritis). These tubules, whose job it’s to filter waste merchandise and fluid from the kidneys, also can turn into infected, dysfunctional and broken from the leptospires, doubtlessly inflicting restricted oxygen and blood movement to the kidneys (tubular necrosis).

Signs of acute kidney harm embrace modifications in urination, vomiting, elevated thirst, lethargy, stomach ache and lack of urge for food. The prognosis depends upon how rapidly leptospirosis could be recognized and handled, and the way a lot injury was performed to the kidneys. Dogs with acute kidney harm will usually require hospitalization, fluid remedy, medicines and a renal weight loss plan. The injury to the kidneys could be everlasting, so even when they survive the acute kidney harm, it could result in continual kidney illness.

A Leptospirosis Vaccine Is Available

Diagnosis of leptospirosis is confirmed by blood exams and urinalysis. Antibiotics are used to deal with the an infection and supportive care may be wanted if the signs are extreme (e.g., IV fluids, kidney dialysis, oxygen remedy). Some canines might have everlasting kidney or liver injury and a few canines might not get well from the an infection.

A vaccine is offered in opposition to a number of the commonest Leptospira species and will assist stop an an infection. This vaccine isn’t a part of your canine’s core vaccine schedule, so ask your veterinarian in the event that they advocate the leptospirosis vaccine in your canine.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a strategy to instantly know if water or soil is contaminated with leptospires or if an animal is a provider of leptospirosis. It’s a good suggestion to deliver contemporary water in your canine to drink if they will be swimming or taking part in round doubtlessly contaminated water. And be vigilant for the indicators of leptospirosis — early detection might assist stop the an infection from inflicting acute kidney harm.


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