Lionel’s day took an surprising flip when his journey to the grocery retailer was a rescue mission. After saving a stray pup from a busy avenue, Lionel quickly realized that this rescued canine’s actuality was genuinely heartbreaking.

Lionel Vytialingam was startled by the sound of automobile horns and chaos coming from the close by highway. After noticing the commotion was attributable to a stray canine weaving out and in of site visitors, he knew he needed to come to this poor pup’s support.


“She had no idea what she was doing or where she was going. There were cars and bikes going along the street and she was walking right into them like she thought they were family.” – Lionel

Once Lionel made his method to the frightened canine, he stretched his arms out in hopes that the stray pup would settle for his assist. After flinching every time, the scruffy stray weaved her method by means of the site visitors. Lionel was lastly in a position to scoop her up and produce her to security.

Once the candy stray was safely sitting in Lionel’s automobile, he observed a soggy observe hanging from her collar. Though he initially hoped this observe would result in the misplaced canine’s homeowners, he quickly found that this deserted pup was on her personal. Once he learn the phrases that this candy lady had carried, Lionel couldn’t include his feelings.

stray dog note

“I broke down in tears. Probably wasn’t a good sight for all the passing vehicles.” – Lionel

Once Lionel realized the horrible actuality of the scenario, he instantly introduced the deserted pup dwelling and tried to consolation her in any method he might. He gave her a heat tub, a scrumptious meal, and cuddled her all through the evening to offer her with the love she deserved after such a tough day.

“When she’s with me, she’s calm. She just sits near or on me and either falls asleep or tries to get my attention by nibbling my fingers or yelping or tugging at my shirt.” – Lionel

Though Lionel would have liked to be the one to welcome Siggy into his dwelling for good, Siggy didn’t get alongside effectively along with his present canine, Sammo. Thankfully although, he discovered a method to hold her in his household.

stray dog with note

Lionel’s brother will probably be welcoming Siggy into his dwelling as soon as the travels bans carry, and he’s in a position to make the journey. We are so grateful for Lionel and his dedication to Siggy, and his willpower to show this horrible scenario into a cheerful ending for this deserving pup!

We’d wish to remind everybody that abandoning your furry buddy is rarely the suitable alternative and that there are all the time rescues or shelters in your space which might be keen to assist.

Image Source:Lionel/FBPost

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