Nothing is extra irritating than discovering a flea or tick in your beloved cocker spaniel. In addition to driving your cocker spaniel loopy, fleas and ticks can carry harmful parasites and threaten the well being of the one that you love pup.

In this text, we’ll focus on a method for naturally stopping fleas and ticks from bothering your cocker spaniel. In addition we’ll focus on the professionals and cons of utilizing pure strategies in comparison with conventional chemical primarily based pesticides.

Why Many Cocker Spaniel Parents Are Turning To Safer, Natural Flea & Tick Control Methods

Many pet dad and mom are expressing issues about utilizing pesticide/chemical primarily based bug repellants. In August of 2021, the FDA once more warned canine and cat homeowners concerning the potential antagonistic results of chemical flea repellants, together with seizures, muscle tremors and ataxia. While the FDA states the vast majority of pets on these drugs present no side-effects, a rising variety of pet dad and mom, together with members of this 40,000+ member neighborhood on Facebook, beg to vary.

In addition to security issues, chemical primarily based pesticides have an inherent flaw: fleas and ticks can adapt over time and turn into proof against the results. This is why so many individuals must rotate manufacturers of conventional flea management merchandise.

Chemical primarily based pesticides, nevertheless, could be very efficient for many canine and might doubtlessly stop infestations higher than pure strategies. Ultimately, the selection is as much as you and your veterinarian.

Even for those who use pesticide primarily based flea management merchandise, you may contemplate additionally including in pure flea/tick repellants which can be utilized together with conventional flea merchandise, and increase their effectiveness.

4 Step Strategy for Safe & Effective Natural Flea & Tick Prevention for Your Cocker Spaniel

Natural prevention strategies can work to your cocker spaniel, for those who could be diligent about these 4 areas:

#1 – Protect your cocker spaniel from the within out

Using vitamin and a pure complement like this brewer’s yeast and garlic complement , you may make your cocker spaniel’s physique inhospitable to fleas. Most canine discover the chews very tasty, and suppose they’re getting a deal with.

#2 – Protect your cocker spaniel from the skin in

Natural pet-safe important oil sprays (many out there on Amazon) could be utilized to your cocker spaniel’s fur and bedding, which helps prevents bugs from making their residence on these surfaces. These merchandise include important oils which repel fleas and ticks. Some merchandise, such because the one pictured beneath, additionally embody a plant primarily based compound which kills fleas and their eggs.

#3 – Don’t neglect about your yard and residential!

An entire pure pest management program can not ignore your canine’s setting. Even for those who rid your canine of fleas, they’ll maintain infesting your canine if the eggs exist in your house or yard. Our favourite pure technique of killing fleas in and round your private home is through the use of diatomaceous earth, out there on Amazon or at most {hardware} shops. Unlike pesticides, DE kills pests mechanically anytime they contact the powder, which is innocent for pets and people.

Another possibility is utilizing a pure yard spray. Wondercide is a well-liked model. These work just like the pet spray above.

#4 – Check your cocker spaniel each day for fleas and ticks

During the hotter months, ensure that to examine examine your cocker spaniel each day for fleas and ticks, particularly in the event that they spend a big period of time outdoor. Often occasions an indication of fleas will likely be flea dust, the waste product that fleas go away behind in your canine’s fur. A flea comb is an easy device that can make it easier to uncover these pests in your cocker spaniel.

It ought to be famous that in case your canine is already infested with fleas, you’re going to want to first rid them of the bugs earlier than a pure flea repellant technique could be efficient.

Learn More about iHeartDog’s Tasty Flea & Tick Control Treats Below

The new iHeartDogs Flea & Tick Guard Bones are a pure method to assist maintain your canine pest-free. The tasty little chews incorporates a small quantity of garlic to beat back pests. When eaten each day, the mix of brewer’s yeast and garlic tablets make your pup odor disagreeable to fleas and ticks making them keep away. The nice half although is that people and canine can’t odor the odor!

Each chewable pill is a wonderful supply of protein, hint minerals, and B-complex nutritional vitamins to assist promote wholesome pores and skin & coat, preserve regular mobile development and performance, increase immune assist, and improve general well being. They’re additionally very tasty, even to the pickiest canine! At $29.99 for a bottle of 90 tasty chews, it’ll solely set you again about 66 cents a day for a mean measurement canine.

Like all merchandise offered by iHeartDogs, each buy supplies wholesome meals for shelter canine!

More Frequently Asked Questions About Flea & Tick Control Products for Cocker Spaniels

What’s higher for my cocker spaniel, pure or conventional pesticide primarily based flea & tick merchandise?

Ultimately, it is a query solely you and your vet can reply. In our private opinion, pure strategies are much less efficient, but in addition much less liable to harmful negative effects. Pesticide primarily based merchandise may also be simpler to manage, however that downsides are potential negative effects, a few of which appear to be growing.

What are the commonest negative effects of flea & tick drugs for cocker spaniels?

According to the FDA, the commonest reported negative effects for Isoxazoline merchandise have been related to neurologic antagonistic reactions, together with muscle tremors, ataxia (cordination & steadiness issues), & seizures in some canine and cats.

What’s the most effective pure flea & tick preventative for cocker spaniels?

As detailed within the article above, we suggest a 4 prong method:

(1) Use a pure brewer’s yeast + garlic complement

(2) Use a pure flea & tick spray in your pet each day throughout heat months

(3) Treat your yard utilizing a pure product similar to diatomaceous earth or Wondercide

(4) Check your cocker spaniel each day (throughout hotter months) for fleas and ticks.

Is Bravecto, NexGard, Simparica, Seresto and K9 Advantix II Safe for Cocker Spaniels?

Ultimately it is a query solely you and your veterinarian can reply. According to the out there FDA antagonistic response information, most pets do fantastic on these drugs. However, antagonistic reactions seem like growing, or are probably simply now being reported extra precisely (some estimates are that just one% of antagonistic reactions are each reported to the FDA.) According to information compiled by Dr. W Jean Dodds and Jon P Kimball, roughly 60,909 pet deaths have been reported to the FDA from flea, tick, and heartworm drugs (information up by means of April of 2021). Additionally, 15,77,958 complete antagonistic reactions have been reported as nicely. 

Data (USA) from FDA of reported antagonistic reactions & deaths after administering flea, tick and heartworm therapies – up to date April seventeenth, 2021


Brand Active drug ingredient Date launched Adverse reactions Deaths (together with euthanasia)
Bravecto fluralaner 2014 43,602 1,533
Bravetco plus fluralaner+moxidectin 2019-2020 77,459 4,753
Comfortis spinosad 2012 1,62,354 4.816
Trifexis spinosad+milbemycin+oxime 2011 2,00,941 6,662
Credelio lotilaner 2018 3,302 95
Revolution selamectin 2000 19,552 1,980
Revolution plus selamectin+sarolaner 2019 31,605 2,346
Nexgard afoxolaner 2013 36,340 1,086
Nexgard Spectra afoxolaner+milbemycin+oxime 2014 1,90,802 5,998
Simparica sarolaner 2016 14,153 432
Simparica trio sarolaner+moxidectin+pyrantel+pamoate 2020 1,40,646 6,717
Heartgard, Ivomec ivermectin 1996 94,798 4,103
Heartgard Plus, Triheart ivermectin+pyrantel+pamoate 2003 1,05,139 5,332
Iverhart Max ivermectin+pyrantel+pamoate+praziquanel 2018 1,29,815 6,207
Interceptor milbemyxin+oxime 2013 1,54,190 3,911
Interceptor Plus, Milbemax milbemyxin+oxime+praziquantel 2,01,02,015 1,72,860 4,938
Totals: 15,77,958 60,909

These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product isn’t meant to diagnose, deal with, treatment, or stop any illness. The data on this web site isn’t meant to exchange a one-on-one relationship with a professional healthcare skilled.


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