You can get aquarium for Sh15,000.

Why hold fish which you can’t eat? This is a query that you could be hear from these against the rearing of decorative fish. Ornamental fish retaining is likely one of the hottest hobbies on this planet at the moment.  You’ll discover them in lots of workplaces and houses. Fishes which can be stored in residence aquariums, or for aesthetic functions are thought-about decorative fish. These fishes embody all kinds of species, shapes, sizes and colors.

Ornamental fish are normally stored in aquariums or tanks. The most typical species of decorative fish is Gold Fish which is scientifically referred to as Carassius auratus. Others are Discus, Angelfish, Corydoras Catfish, Bettas and Plecostomus.

You can get a reside fish for about Sh500 or extra relying on the species. While most of the fish are simple to breed, some are uncommon, tough to breed and costly. It is advisable to start out with frequent, enticing, simply bred and cheaper species. 

An decorative fish undertaking could be both rearing, breeding or breeding and rearing relying upon the area accessible. Rearing these fish entails the next:


Glass tanks of various measurement are used for rearing the fish. The quantity and measurement of the glass tanks rely on the species chosen. You can get aquarium for Sh15,000. This comes with décor or plant like supplies and rocks, filter pump, air pump and lighting system. This supplies a near-natural atmosphere for the fish. 


Feeding is mostly completed twice in a day or in line with requirement. Formulated synthetic or ready feed can be utilized. The quantity and sort of meals to be given rely on the dimensions of the fry. The feed might embrace fish flakes, granules, blood worms and fish pellets. You can get these feeds at totally different packaging from a pet retailer close to you.


The methodology of breeding relies on the household traits of the fish. The success of breeding is dependent upon the compatibility of pairs, the identification of which is a talent born out of expertise. It is at all times higher to purchase good brooding inventory. Otherwise, the unique attribute of the species retains on getting diluted due to steady inbreeding. Brooders particularly egg layers must be discarded after just a few spawning.


For breeding, the tanks could be of brick masonry work having flat bottoms with inlet and outlet pipes. Clay, cement, fiberglass or plastic tanks will also be used. Rearing of fish must be completed in giant tanks. The measurement of the tanks varies in line with the area, the quantity and the kind of fish cultured.

Health care

The well being of those gems is essential for his or her survival. Only wholesome fish can face up to transportation and fetch good worth. Support companies embrace: analysis and extension and veterinary companies, infrastructure and upkeep.

Target illnesses

Water provide: Deep tube wells can be the most effective supply of water. Recycling of water by means of bio-filters or different types of filtering mechanisms could be tried. Other sources like dug wells, and municipal water if accessible will also be used.

Aeration tools: A blower pump with a community of tubes for aeration is a should. The steady energy provide must also be maintained by means of a generator set or inverter.


Ornamental fish can endure from totally different illnesses, so be looking out. Bacterial illnesses are extra frequent than viral ones. Among them, probably the most prevalent are infections brought on by Aeromonas, Shewanella, Citrobacter, Pseudomonas and Edwardsville. These infections current with indicators comparable to poor urge for food, pores and skin ulcers, darkening of the pores and skin, protrusion of the eyeball, and fluid accumulation within the stomach. A veterinarian is useful to kind this. 


At current, the market is principally home. The export market is steadily growing.

[The writer is a Veterinary Surgeon and the Resident Vet at FarmKenya]

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