Many horse homeowners want that they had a solution to hold tabs on their horses after they cannot be on the farm in particular person. Purdue University veterinarians and biomechanical engineers have created a wearable equine slicker with embedded sensors that permit for steady distant monitoring of a horse’s respiratory, cardiac, and musculoskeletal well being. 

The analysis crew mentioned the machine will help handle power equine situations and constantly assess the well being of hospitalized horses with out utilizing adhesive or shaving the horse’s hair.

The know-how would not intrude with the material’s permeability, wearability or flexibility; horses needn’t be stabled whereas carrying it. The slicker connects to a transportable unit that sends info to a laptop computer by way of Bluetooth, permitting vets and horse homeowners to constantly monitor the horse even after they aren’t in the identical space because the horse. 

Veterinarians consider that the slicker will probably be useful in monitoring pregnant, asthmatic, colicking, and laminitic horses, in addition to for figuring out bodily health. 

Read extra at Veterinary 33. 

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