Arthritis is a painful, progressive illness in cats that sadly has no remedy. However, veterinarians can present some aid for arthritic cats by utilizing completely different administration instruments. For instance, sustaining a wholesome weight is essential for managing arthritis. The extra weight of overweight cats doesn’t simply put additional pressure on their joints; the fats itself contributes to irritation, and irritation is a part of the ache related to arthritis.

Arthritis Is Common in Obese Cats

Arthritis is a fancy situation that’s related to low-grade irritation and happens when cartilage in a number of joints breaks down. It’s one of many extra frequent points related to weight problems, not simply due to the stress carrying additional weight places on joint cartilage and ligaments, but in addition due to a rise in irritation. Signs of arthritis in cats embody ache, lowered movement vary, stiffness, muscle loss and modifications in conduct as a result of ache or restricted actions.

The Problem with Too Much Fat

Body fats is usually a good factor. Cats want it to retailer vitality, cushion important organs, insulate in opposition to warmth loss and supply structural help to organs within the stomach. The downside with an excessive amount of fats is that it could result in illness. Obesity is taken into account a illness by the veterinary neighborhood as a result of the buildup of extra fats interferes with how the physique features. When cats eat too many energy over a protracted time period, the surplus vitality is saved as additional fats all through the physique, together with round different tissues and organs. The improve in physique fats modifications metabolism, hormonal and irritation management, which might result in impaired physique operate, well being points and a lowered high quality of life. Basically, an overweight cat just isn’t a wholesome cat.

The Many Roles of Fat

Fat (technically known as white adipose tissue) does greater than shield your cat’s organs and supply an vitality retailer. Fat is biologically lively, and fats cells (adipocytes) can secrete over 100 substances (together with hormones and inflammatory cytokines) which might be collectively known as adipokines. This makes fats probably the most considerable supply of hormones and the biggest endocrine organ within the physique. Adipokines are important to regular physique operate and may talk with the mind and different tissues. They have roles in vitality stability, glucose (sugar) and lipid (fats) metabolism, and immune system operate.

When elevated fats tissue modifications the secretion of adipokines, they will throw off regular physique operate, resulting in heightened irritation all through the physique (together with in joints). Adipokines also can have an effect on immune system operate, finally resulting in power, low-grade irritation. And the extra weight the cat positive aspects, the extra fats cells there are producing these doubtlessly dangerous compounds.

Managing Obesity and Arthritis

If your cat has been identified with arthritis, your veterinarian has quite a lot of choices and instruments that may assist handle ache, gradual illness development, restore mobility and enhance your cat’s high quality of life. If your cat is overweight, veterinarian-supervised weight reduction can assist scale back the bodily and mechanical stress placed on their joints. And when the load loss is because of fats loss, the fats tissue produces fewer adipokines that promote irritation and contribute to ache and discomfort.


Helping your cat keep in a wholesome weight vary and keep an excellent physique situation is essential to maintain them wholesome and lively, and may presumably assist them stay longer. But a wholesome weight is particularly essential in case your cat has arthritis, as it could assist with irritation and ache.


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