When the brand new house owners of what was beforehand an deserted constructing began their house renovations, they have been shocked to find that somebody had not solely deserted a canine inside, however that they’d locked him in a closet. 

As you may think about, the Pitbull combine was in actually tough form when he was discovered. Not solely was he in dire want of meals, however he additionally desperately wanted medical consideration. 


Police are presently trying to find the particular person accountable for abandoning, and basically sentencing the canine to die in a closet. Luckily, the brand new house owners found him once they did, as a result of he barely made it out alive. The poor pup was discovered to be visibly malnourished, emaciated, and intensely fearful. 

The house had been vacant for a lot of months after it was foreclosed on, and earlier than it was just lately taken off the market. The canine was found when the house’s new house owners began reworking. They’re nonetheless not fairly positive how previous he’s or how lengthy the poor child was on their own within the closet. But by his present situation, it’s secure to say that he hasn’t been correctly cared for shortly. 

“Once the humane society looks at him, we’ll have a better idea of whether he’s suffered any infections or serious injuries. Once we’re able to interview the owner and know the dog’s condition, we’ll have a better idea of what we might charge them with,” mentioned officer Douglas Bell.

Dog from closet

Currently, the authorities consider that the canine’s unique proprietor was not the earlier proprietor of the house, however quite somebody who was squatting within the constructing previous to it being bought. Thanks to a few native leads, police have recognized a suspect, and are within the technique of finding him now. 

According to the legal guidelines in Maine, people arrested for a majority of these allegations might doubtlessly be charged with cruelty to animals, and a conviction might result in a $500 charge for every violation. Plus, the particular person might be held answerable for the animal’s medical bills.

The court docket might additionally prohibit them from proudly owning an animal or working round animals for at least 5 years.

Police officers held the petrified pup whereas they waited for a state animal welfare officer, after which he was taken to Central Aroostook Humane Society the place he obtained much-needed medical therapy.

Hopefully, the suspect will quickly be dropped at justice. 

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