As a brand new fish mother or father, you’re keen on hanging out along with your BFF all day, watching him swim round in his new residence. But to ensure he’s really joyful (and wholesome), it’s tremendous necessary you retain it clear and tidy.

But for those who’re not fairly positive how one can clear a fish tank, we’ve acquired you lined.

There are 11 important steps, in accordance with Jackie Marvel, a veterinary nurse with DodoVet. And we’re right here to stroll you thru all of them.

How to scrub a fish tank step-by-step

Here are 11 steps for cleansing your fish tank.

1. Don’t transfer your fish

You might imagine that you could take your fish out of his tank earlier than you clear it, however in accordance with Marvel, that’s not essentially one of the best thought.

“You want to clean your fish’s tank with the least amount of stress to them as possible,” Marvel mentioned. “Handling or moving your fish can be a huge cause of stress, so it is OK to leave them in the tank while cleaning since all of the water does not get removed.”

2. Wash your arms

Before you actually get into the precise cleansing, prep by washing out of your arms and forearms as much as your elbows. This is to do away with any type of lotion, perfume or cleaning soap in your pores and skin, as a result of these issues can damage your fish.

3. Unplug filters, lights and heaters

“Make sure to do this before water is removed from the tank,” Marvel mentioned. “If [the] water level drops, you don’t want the filter to run dry or the heater to be exposed to air.”

4. Clean the inside glass

This is the place your algae pad or scraper is available in. Use it alongside the within of your fish’s tank to maintain algae from taking up.

(Make positive you’re getting the best one on your tank — all the time examine to see if the pad or scraper is made for glass or acrylic aquariums before you purchase.)

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5. Remove decorations

Take out any crops, rocks or different decorations to ensure you’re getting any particles that’s beneath them. You also can use a toothbrush to identify clear any algae which may be on them.

6. Bust out the gravel siphon

Now’s the time to scrub any particles and algae buildup off the gravel in your fish’s tank, with slightly assist out of your gravel siphon.

As you’re doing this, Marvel recommends transferring previous water right into a bucket that you simply solely use for cleansing your aquarium. You ought to maintain going till the water stage in your fish tank has dropped by 20 to 25 p.c.

7. Remove and rinse your filter media

For this step, you’ll wish to rinse off your filter media within the bucket along with your previous aquarium water.

“If you wash it with other water, you run the risk of removing beneficial bacteria,” Marvel mentioned.

8. Steer away from cleaning soap

Avoid the urge to clean your BFF’s tank down with cleaning soap and water, as a result of these sudsy bubbles are unhealthy for fish. And any cleaning soap particles left inside his tank can be dangerous.

9. Replace the water that’s been eliminated

But don’t simply dump any previous water into the tank, as a result of that may be harmful. You’ll wish to take a look at the temperature and high quality first.

“Make sure that the water is the same temperature before putting it back in the tank,” Marvel mentioned. “Most bottled ‘spring’ water or well water contains water safe for fish, but it is always best to test your water before starting a new tank.”

10. Add some dechlorinator

This will be certain that the water’s protected on your fish.

“Chlorine is toxic to all fish, causing severe gill damage, which leads to death,” Marvel mentioned.

11. Don’t clear the filter simply but

It’s really higher to not clear the tank and the filter on the identical time.

“Wait two weeks to clean the filter,” Marvel mentioned. “[It] contains some beneficial bacteria which will replace what was lost when cleaning the tank.”

Why you could clear your fish tank

The water high quality in your fish’s tank is essential for his well being and happiness, which is the place cleansing his tank is available in.

“Even if the water looks clean, it could be harmful for your fish,” Marvel informed The Dodo. “If the tank is not maintained, harmful ammonia will build up in the tank, which causes severe harm to fish.”

How usually must you clear your fish tank?

There’s no common timeline for cleansing a fish tank, as a result of it is determined by many components, like what number of fish you have got, how massive your tank is, what sort of crops you have got in it and what sort of aquarium it’s.

But there are some issues each fish mother or father can do regularly for slightly upkeep and maintenance.

“There are daily, weekly and monthly steps you can take to make cleaning less intense and safe for your fish,” Marvel mentioned.

Daily issues you are able to do on your fish’s tank

According to Marvel, these are issues you are able to do day by day to ensure your fish has one of the best residence potential:

  • Evaluate your fish’s habits — Look for issues like swimming the other way up or sideways, staying low within the bowl, struggling to swim to the floor or an incapability to swim. You must also search for bodily abnormalities, like a bloated stomach, flaky patches, or pink or discolored eyes. (And in case you have a number of fish, take note of whether or not or not that is taking place to only one fish or all of them.)
  • Evaluate your fish’s urge for food — Check to see in case your fish isn’t consuming, spitting out his meals or if there’s plenty of uneaten meals on the backside of his bowl.
  • Remove extra meals
  • Monitor water stage
  • Check water temperature — According to Marvel, a very good water temperature vary is between 76 and 82 levels Fahrenheit. But some species of fish want a unique temperature vary, so ensure you do your analysis and chat along with your vet to determine what’s finest on your BFF.

Weekly issues you are able to do on your fish’s tank

These are some issues you are able to do for fish tank upkeep as soon as per week:

  • Perform water high quality testing
  • Scrub algae from sides of aquarium

Monthly issues you are able to do on your fish’s tank

Here are some issues that you must do as soon as a month to maintain your fish’s tank in good condition:

  • Rinse bio filter
  • Vacuum gravel
  • Scrub decor

If you have got a saltwater fish tank, you’ll most likely must put in slightly additional care on the subject of cleansing.

“They require more advanced water testing [and] more frequent cleaning, including the lid of the tank, which can collect salt deposits,” Marvel mentioned.

What you could maintain a fish tank clear

You’ll want some provides to maintain your fish’s tank good and clear. Here are the requirements, in accordance with Marvel:

And there you have got it — how one can clear a fish tank and deal with your aquatic BFF straight from an knowledgeable! Just observe these steps and your BFF might be so joyful to have a spotless residence.

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