Heart and Soul Medicine Horse in Brisco

By Chadd Cawson Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Life just isn’t all the time a straightforward factor to navigate. Stresses, loss, previous traumas can take its toll on us and our particular person electromagnetic area which surrounds our being and offers off vitality, an vitality which horses can intuitively learn. Luraina Oddy proprietor and facilitator at Heart and Soul Medicine Horse in Brisco gives a myriad of companies reminiscent of Chakra Balancing and Reiki on each folks and equine, and periods the place the horse leads the way in which on one’s therapeutic journey. The most vital position of the shopper is to be much less of their head and extra of their coronary heart area.

“Any animal has the ability to touch our hearts, because they communicate through our heart space,” mentioned Oddy. “If we have the understanding that we’re not just all thinking with our logistic brains, and that we have three brains in our body that function, and our heart brain is where we communicate with animals. For instance, horses are a prey animal which make them rely on intuition. Unlike a dog that loves internally and unconditionally, a horse will read your intuition. Horses will read our heart space and if we aren’t being congruent with our hearts and our too much in our head, the horse reflects, so energetically with the horse you can see right away when you go into your logical brain versus your heart. For us to heal past wounds and traumas we need to heal it in our heart space not our head space, which is why horses are beginning to get a reputation as being great healers.”

Oddy shares there’s a lot to study on how vitality works and that there are completely different phases she will take her purchasers via in the event that they really feel disconnected to their instinct. Horses act like a mirror reflecting us emotionally so the journey is completely different for everybody, for some a session could also be about making that preliminary coronary heart connection as with out it, the horse won’t have interaction. Energetic video games are performed with purchasers, they usually do the self-exploratory studying.

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“Whatever we’re feeling on the inside, it shows with how horses are reacting, so you really can’t get away from it. It makes you process that, and pay attention, and watch”, mentioned Oddy. “It’s just something you process in your head, and I as the facilitator will guide the client with some questions if they are feeling stuck, but the horses are the teachers. Its relying 100 per cent on the horses to bring up what they need to bring up, for the client to clear energy.”

Oddy had all the time had a love for horses and dreamed of proudly owning one, at ten her dream fleetingly got here true as she skilled the fun of caring for a colt for the primary and a short while, which she named Tango. Growing up Oddy would go to her aunt, and uncle who personal Spur Valley yearly, falling in love extra with the realm with each go to.

“I’ve had a love for horses, since I was little, a ridiculous love,” laughs Oddy endearingly. “Stuffies, ornaments, toys. I can remember singing a song as a little girl that I wanted a horse of my very own. We had a yard at that time big enough for one, but my parent’s never budged, so I would go to the neighbours and sneak rides on their horses, and then I finally got to care for an abandoned colt that came into our lives until my mother decided to sell him.”

While she had a void of horses till shifting to Brisco in 2002, caring for equine was within the playing cards for Oddy who now owns 10, together with 2 which might be full breed Canadian horses. Having a variety of horses Oddy started exploring avenues in the place she may honour her coronary heart and fervour whereas bringing her horses into it when she got here throughout equine vitality work.

This was one thing she shortly put her personal vitality into as she graduated as an authorized Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) Practitioner in March 2008 at a faculty in Langley which she shares as a mom was very handy and possible for her to do as many of the program was self-study at house. Oddy has all the time been drawn to the methods of Indigenous folks, attending pow wows and creating artwork whilst a younger lady. She shares that the FEEL coaching had an Indigenous mould to it, dealing quite a bit with circles and the instructions on the drugs wheel.

“There’s some calling from the past that just keeps it true in my heart, intuitively I feel like I’m doing what some of the medicine people did hundreds of years ago. I’m healing with horses, and horses are a sacred animal,” mentioned Oddy. “My love for the Indigenous culture and how they live and resonate with the planet, and not leave any kind imprint fascinates me, and it’s how I try to live my own life to the best of my ability.

Heart and Soul Medicine Horse opened its gates in 2018 where she now incorporates archery and has become a healing place for many.

“I hope my clients gain a greater connection with themselves, and I hope that their session opens them energetically to feel more comfortable with who they are, enabling them to listen more to their inner self a little bit clearer, and become more grounded,” mentioned Oddy. “If I can help someone become a little bit more grounded or attentive to listening to their inner voice, then I’ve won. That fills up my heart. I get an energetic buzz when I see someone have an aha moment, or when I see a horse tucking someone in and holding them, it’s such a light for me.”

Chadd Cawson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Columbia Valley Pioneer

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