The holidays are coming, and so is the everlasting drawback of discovering a present my cat, Stella, will really like. I made a decision to ask her for suggestions.

Hey, Stella. How can I provide you with a very good current this 12 months? What would you like?

What did you give me final 12 months? Oh, proper. You gave me that cardboard field. That was a very good field.

Stella, I gave you the cat mattress INSIDE the field.

What cat mattress?

The cat mattress you’ve ignored on this room for a 12 months.

There’s a cat mattress on this room?

There’s a cat mattress RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Oh, that factor.

You by no means as soon as sat it in. You by no means even LOOKED at it.

I felt its presence.

And what was mistaken with its presence?

It appeared to need one thing from me.

It’s a cat mattress! It desires you to sit down in it!

See, that’s the factor. Cats aren’t into needy furnishings. That field, although, man, it wished nothing from me. That was a candy field.

So you simply desire a cardboard field for Christmas this 12 months?

It doesn’t work that approach.

Of course it doesn’t. Do I dare ask why?

Well, you possibly can’t simply purchase a cardboard field anticipating it to be a cat mattress. That makes it a needy field. I don’t want that in my life.

I see.

Nobody mentioned present giving was straightforward.

What about if the field was from, say, that new espresso maker I’ve had my eye on?

Don’t attempt to outfox me. The field speaks to me.

OK, what a couple of new meals bowl? It appears you’ve favored all of these I’ve given you through the years.

The whats?

The cat bowls? You know, those that say issues like “meow” and “pretty kitty” on them?

Wait, the bowls are totally different?

What? Yeah, you’ve got like 10 totally different bowls I rotate.

Huh, fascinating. I solely see the meals.

You what? What about when the meals is gone?

Then I don’t see the meals anymore, and I transfer on.

And you by no means even see the bowl?

Why would I be trying on the bowl if the meals is gone?

Let me get this straight: You’ve by no means seen ANY of the bowls I’ve purchased you? That’s insane.

That’s evolution. As high-level predators, we have to filter out the noise to maintain alert for attainable risks.

Oh, right here we go …

I determine I’ve saved myself from demise 17,863 instances by being so extremely alert.

You’ve saved rely.

It passes the hours.

I don’t name working away from the mail provider each day “saving yourself from death.”

And but right here I’m, nonetheless alive. OK, again to my present. I do know of 1 particular factor you can provide me.

We’re not elevating chickens so that you can kill, Stella.

Oh, come on! Think of what you’d save on the cat bowls I apparently use.

Tell you what: You attempt sleeping in your cat mattress from final Christmas, and I’ll grill some rooster Christmas morning.

No deal. That mattress desires an excessive amount of from me. I don’t belief it.

It desires you to sleep in it!

Sleep … or die?

Sleep! Sleep!

Hey, I didn’t get to be 19 by throwing myself on each demise pillow somebody tosses in entrance of me.

Fine. I’ll discover you one other cardboard field.

Thank you. I can already inform I’ll hate it.

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