Arthritis is a painful situation for cats, and sadly it solely turns into worse over time. Other ailments, like weight problems, may also worsen the damaging results of arthritis in your cat’s high quality of life. However, there are a lot of methods you’ll be able to assist enhance your cat’s consolation, together with serving to them obtain and preserve a wholesome weight and physique situation.

A Stifling Disease

Arthritis impacts the joints of cats, together with their elbows, shoulders, stifles (knees) and hips. When joints are wholesome, the bones are coated with a layer of clean cartilage that enables them to glide easily over one another when your cat strikes. If your cat has arthritis, broken-down cartilage prevents this clean motion and nerves within the underlying bone could be uncovered, inflicting ache. Arthritis may also trigger low-grade irritation of the entire joint, together with the encircling ligaments and muscle mass. These joint modifications could make it tough and painful in your cat to maneuver round.

Old Age Isn’t the Cause

Cats don’t develop arthritis simply because they’ve reached the senior or geriatric stage of life, though, similar to a guaranty exclusion clause, some regular “wear and tear” on joints is anticipated after years of leaping, climbing and onerous landings (however all the time on their toes, proper?). There are many causes of arthritis in cats, and improvement and development of arthritis is more likely to be on account of a mixture of things. Some contributing causes embody physique affirmation (how they’re “built”), irregular joint improvement or an outdated damage. Being chubby or overweight can be extremely correlated with arthritis.

The Fat Factor

Maintaining a wholesome weight and physique situation rating is necessary for the well-being of all cats, however it’s notably necessary for arthritic cats. Carrying additional weight places added stress on the joint cartilage and ligaments of overweight cats. Fat additionally secretes hormones and different chemical compounds that enhance irritation all through the physique and add to the irritation (and ache) already current from arthritis.

Cats Can Hide Arthritis Symptoms

Cats usually undertaking an “I’m fine” perspective even once they’re not effective. They will typically disguise ache and sickness signs, simply as their ancestors did to forestall themselves from wanting weak to predators in search of out the simplest meal ticket. This is why you could be vigilant! Some of the indicators that you could be see in case your cat has arthritis are a diminished vary of movement, stiffness and muscle loss.

One of the extra apparent arthritis indicators is modifications of their habits on account of ache or restricted motion. Have they stopped resting of their favourite spot up excessive? Are they leaping and leaping much less? Are they grooming themselves much less (as a result of it hurts to succeed in these spots)? Are they having accidents as a result of they will’t get into the litterbox? Is your usually cuddly cat now a grumpy cat? All of those habits modifications may very well be indicators of arthritis or one other well being situation, so it’s time to schedule a go to to your veterinarian.

Arthritis Can Be Managed

Unfortunately, there’s at present no remedy for arthritis. However, your veterinarian can present choices for managing your cat’s ache, slowing illness development and bettering your cat’s high quality of life. You may also help make house extra snug for them by offering stairs or ramps as much as excessive locations, utilizing low-side cat bins on each flooring of the home and serving to them with grooming.

If your cat is chubby or overweight, beginning a veterinarian-supervised weight reduction program will doubtless be a part of their arthritis administration plan. Losing weight may also help cut back the stress positioned in your cat’s joints and in addition cut back the variety of fats cells producing inflammation-causing hormones and chemical compounds.

Your veterinarian might counsel switching to a specialised weight administration eating regimen like Diamond CARE Weight Management Formula for Adult Cats. You may also assist handle your cat’s weight by avoiding feeding them desk scraps and limiting the quantity of treats to not more than 10 % of their day by day energy. It’s necessary that you just seek the advice of your veterinarian earlier than beginning your cat on a eating regimen — in the event that they shed weight too shortly they will develop fatty liver illness (additionally known as hepatic lipidosis) which could be life threatening.


Obesity and arthritis can each restrict your cat’s motion skills and negatively have an effect on their high quality of life. If you assume your cat has arthritis or may benefit from dropping a couple of kilos, your veterinarian may also help develop an applicable administration program for them.


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