The best Don Hairless is medium-sized and has massive ears. The cat is muscular, has almond-shaped eyes and lengthy, webbed toes. They have a sublime look and powerful boning. They are available in quite a lot of colours.


  • Also referred to as Don Sphinx and Donskoy
  • Completely hairless
  • Intelligent and energetic
  • Gentle

Ideal Human Companion

  • Experienced cat homeowners
  • Families with youngsters
  • Singles with different pets
  • People who need an indoor-only cat

What They Are Like to Live With

Affectionate and interactive with their homeowners, they’re energetic and want a whole lot of consideration.

Although they don’t have fur, they nonetheless want a whole lot of grooming to maintain their pores and skin wholesome. They have to be wiped down day by day with a humid material to take away sweat.

Things You Should Know

Don Hairless want frequent grooming to maintain their pores and skin wholesome. Overbathing may cause their pores and skin to turn out to be oily.

Prone to sunburn, they need to be saved indoors. The breed turns into chilly simply and must be protected against draughts.


The Don Hairless was developed in Russia in 1987 when a breeder named Irina Kovalyova found a hairless cat within the metropolis of Roston-on-Don. Kovalyova found that the hairless cat she had discovered was not associated to the Sphinx, however resulted from a distinct genetic mutation.

The cat, named Vayra, was bred to Domestic Shorthairs and European Shorthairs to create kittens that carried the dominant hairless gene.

In 2005, the breed was acknowledged because the Donskoy within the U.S. by The International Cat Registry (TICA.)

Top Photograph: picture by Volchanskiy/Getty Images

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