The Kookaburra is, maybe, probably the most iconic of Australia’s many lovely and interesting birds. Not solely is the Kookaburra, just like the emu, a standard nationwide image for Australia, however this distinctive and gorgeous fowl can also be intimately acquainted to audiences world wide. (1)

Although you might have by no means seen a Kookaburra when you aren’t from Australia or New Guinea, the chances are fairly good that you’ve got listened to the distinctive cackling name of the Kookaburra. The Kookaburra is, in truth, some of the generally used inventory sound results within the animal kingdom. From outdated films to theme park points of interest, the “ooh ooh ah ah ah” name of the Kookaburra has been used to evoke a jungle-like ambiance, even in settings which can be supposed to be removed from Australia. In truth, the sound of the Kookaburra is commonly interpreted because the calling or chattering of monkeys. (2)

The Kookaburra is certainly one of Australia’s most beloved symbols. In this text, we’ll have a look at the myths and tales related with the Kookaburra in addition to a number of the most attention-grabbing info and traits related with this ubiquitous fowl.

Kookaburra Symbolism and Meaning

The first and most blatant symbolic connection for the Kookaburra is with Australia itself. People from Australia could maintain the Kookaburra particularly pricey. It is commonly taken as each a logo of patriotism, of nationwide neighborhood and delight, and as a logo of the wonderful range of distinctive wildlife that decision Australia house.

Kookaburras can also signify mistaken identification or Hollywood magic, due to their prevalence as a sound impact for movies.

Photo by Mikaela Egan on Unsplash

The name of the Kookaburra is certainly one of its most recognizable options. Kookaburra calls are sometimes likened to laughter. In truth, the most typical Kookaburra species is named the “Laughing Kookaburra.” For this purpose, Kookaburras could also be related with pleasure, humor, light-heartedness, childishness, innocence, or mischief. (3)

“Kookaburra sits on the outdated gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, snicker, Kookaburra,
Gay your life have to be!“

—  Marion Sinclair’s “Kookaburra Song” (1932) (4)

Traditional myths and superstitions typically join the Kookaburra with good luck or new beginnings. Some superstitions declare {that a} Kookaburra’s presence signifies an upcoming being pregnant. Other superstitions join this fowl with the approaching of rain, or paradoxically, the approaching of truthful climate. In any case, the Kookaburra could be related to optimism, a recent begin, or prescience. (5)

Kookaburras may appear to be they belong to a household unto themselves, however they’re really massive members of the kingfisher household. Like different kingfishers, could be related to persistence, serenity, or the thought of “Halcyon Days” of peace and ease. (6)

Kookaburras are remarkably courageous round people. They are generally present in suburban areas in Australia. In these areas, Kookaburras could be so fearless as to look docile. Interacting too carefully with wild birds is rarely a good suggestion, however this braveness and relative docility continues to be noteworthy. Kookaburras are even generally stored as unique pets. Kookaburras could also be related with braveness, sociability, intelligence, or domesticity.

While different kingfishers primarily dine on fish, Kookaburras really primarily dine on bugs, reptiles, rodents, and even different birds. They hunt by sitting immobile and swooping onto unsuspecting prey, which they catch and beat to dying towards their perch. This brutal ambush looking technique associates the Kookaburra with persistence, maturity, and effectivity. (7)

Kookaburra Native American Symbolism

Kookaburras should not discovered within the Americas. Regardless, kingfishers are related with magic and shamanic talents in lots of Native American traditions.

Kookaburra Christianity Symbolism

Christianity didn’t encounter the Kookaburra till Australia was colonized within the late eighteenth century. The Kookaburra, then, is just not a significant a part of most Christian traditions. There is, nevertheless, a Christian delusion which accuses the kingfisher, the household to which Kookaburras belong, of letting Noah down throughout the delusion of the flood within the e book of Genesis. According to this legend, the kingfisher was launched from the ark earlier than the dove, however the fowl was overly excited and forgot its obligation to return to Noah. (8)

Kookaburra Celtic Symbolism

Kookaburras should not discovered within the Celtic world, however Celtic mythology typically associates birds with the Otherworld.

Kookaburra in Dreams

Dreaming of a Kookaburra could sign nice issues on the horizon. Kookaburras are sometimes considered symbolizing good luck or new beginnings. Dreaming of a Kookaburra may point out that one’s luck will quickly change for the higher.

Kookaburra in gardenPhoto by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

A Kookaburra dream can also be a reminder to not take issues too severely. The Kookaburra is perhaps best-known for its loud and raucous snicker. A Kookaburra dream may signify the necessity to let unfastened every so often. Not solely is laughing an vital outlet, however the Kookaburra can also be loud and proud it doesn’t matter what. Dreaming of a Kookaburra could symbolize the necessity to personal one’s voice and categorical oneself with out worry or disgrace. The Kookaburra is a superb instance of the outdated adage “dance like nobody is watching.”

Kookaburra Encounters and Omens

Encountering a Kookaburra is usually mentioned to point that one is pregnant or will quickly fall pregnant. People generally develop this concept to incorporate the likelihood {that a} buddy of member of the family of the one who encounters the Kookaburra could possibly be the one which falls pregnant. (9)

A Kookaburra encounter could point out a necessity for persistence. Kookaburras are ambush hunters which sit nonetheless for lengthy durations till they spot the suitable prey. Encountering one is perhaps a reminder to not act out till you might be fairly sure that the timing is strictly proper. A Kookaburra encounter can warning you towards being hasty or rash.

Kookaburra in Mythology & Folklore

In this part, we’ll have a look at a number of Aboriginal Australian Kookaburra myths in addition to some of the influential kingfisher myths ever.

Aboriginal Mythology:

According to Aboriginal mythology, the world was as soon as a spot of darkness. Then, at some point, one of many emu’s eggs was cracked within the sky and collided with some firewood, inflicting it create a giant yellow fireplace which illuminated the entire world. When this occurred, the gods noticed that the world was lovely when it was lit up on this manner. They determined to mild a fireplace within the sky each single day. At first, the gods despatched the morning star to wake the folks within the morning in order that they might benefit from the mild of the hearth. The folks had been sleeping, although, and couldn’t see the hearth. Then, the gods heard the joyous snicker of the Kookaburra. So, they gave the Kookaburra a job. Each morning, the Kookaburra would sing to awaken the world so that each one might benefit from the mild of the gods’ huge fireplace within the sky. For that purpose, the Kookaburra is taken into account a herald of the morning solar. (10)

Kookaburra trioPhoto by Anissa Terry on Unsplash

Because of this delusion, the Kookaburra instructions respect inside Aboriginal traditions. It is claimed that to snicker again on the Kookaburra, or to harass or insult this fowl, may convey misfortune. One legend even states {that a} baby who mocks the Kookaburra will develop crooked tooth as punishment. (11)

According to a different Aboriginal legend, the lyre-bird as soon as stumped the dominion of the birds by flawlessly imitating every birds’ music. One by one, the birds sang and the lyre-bird declared its superiority as a singer by efficiently copying their songs. Then, the intelligent Kookaburra challenged the lyre-bird, however as a substitute of singing fantastically, he cackled probably the most outrageous and ridiculous snicker that he might muster. When the lyre-bird copied it, the sound was so humorous to the Kookaburra, who was very pleased with his trick, that he stored laughing and laughing and to today he laughs when he remembers the elegant lyre-bird cackling so madly. (12)

Greek Mythology:

The delusion of Alcyone and Ceyx is likely one of the most well-known fowl myths in all of mythology. According to this story, Alcyone, who was the daughter of the god of the wind, deeply liked Ceyx, who was the son of the morning star. Ceyx and Alcyone’s love was deep and delightful and even drew the eye of the gods who loved watching the pair. One day, not realizing that the gods watched them, Alcyone and Ceyx in contrast their like to that of Hera and Zeus. For their insolence, the gods laid a curse upon them which prophesied that Ceyx would die at sea. Despite begging her lover to not sail, Ceyx ignored the prophecy and died at sea shortly after. When Alcyone begged the gods to return him to her, they allowed Ceyx’s physique to scrub ashore. Anguished, Alcyone threw herself into the ocean. The gods had been crammed with regret and determined to reunite the 2 by remodeling Alcyone and Ceyx into kingfishers. The identify “Alcyone” means “kingfisher” in Greek. seabird. To proceed to punish the pair, Zeus insisted that Alcyone should solely construct her nest at sea, and solely within the depths of winter. Alcyone and Ceyx tried, however the sea was too tough and so they stored dropping their eggs. The gods pitied the pair as soon as once more. Unwilling to revoke his punishment, Zeus as a substitute determined to create ten days of excellent climate and a relaxed nonetheless ocean annually. These days grew to become often called the “Halcyon Days” and had been the one durations throughout which Alcyone and Ceyx might safely construct their nest. To today, durations of idyllic calm, heat, or tranquility are often called “Halcyon Days.” (13)

Kookaburra laughPhoto by Tahlia Doyle on Unsplash

Not solely are Kookaburras kingfishers, however the Kookaburra genus is named Dacelo. The identify “Dacelo” is an anagram of “Alcedo” which is the Latin phrase for “Alcyon” or kingfisher.

Kookaburra Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is the Kookaburra then you definately seemingly have a sociable nature and a superb humorousness. People with the Kookaburra as their spirit animal are younger at coronary heart, will be predisposed for mischief, and don’t take themselves too severely. The Kookaburra spirit animal is fun-loving and playful. Despite these childlike traits, the Kookaburra spirit animal could be shockingly mature and sensible in the appropriate contexts. People with the Kookaburra as their spirit animal know that sure conditions name for persistence and maturity and they can name upon these traits when obligatory.

Kookaburra Totem Animal

The Kookaburra totem animal is related to optimism and motivation. The Kookaburra totem by no means loses its will to go on as a result of it by no means loses its sense of positivity. The Kookaburra totem understands innately that the solar will rise anew tomorrow and convey about recent alternatives. As such, the Kookaburra doesn’t dwell upon misfortunes or errors. Instead, the Kookaburra totem seems in direction of the longer term with hope and embraces change with a way of pleasure and gratitude.

Kookaburra Power Animal

The Kookaburra energy animal is related with one’s sense of self. It takes immense confidence to have the ability to snicker at oneself sincerely. The Kookaburra energy animal grants one the angle to actually know and perceive one’s value. This capability could be extraordinarily liberating. An individual who understands their very own value is just not slowed down by uncertainty or insecurities. This radical self-knowledge provides the Kookaburra energy animal a novel sense of humility and honesty of spirit which permits it to make use of its strengths correctly and confront its faults with out worry or defensiveness.

Kookaburra Tattoo Meaning

A Kookaburra tattoo is a significant image of each Australian delight and Aboriginal heritage. Additionally, such a tattoo could signify good luck, laughter, optimism, mischief, or confidence.

Kookaburras in treePhoto by Margaret Riseley on Unsplash

A Kookaburra tattoo could signify the enduring perception that excellent news is all the time on the horizon.


From Hollywood sound results to suburban Australian backyards to well-known nursery rhymes, the Kookaburra and its iconic snicker has made its manner into the hearts of individuals all world wide. Whether you’re a long-time Kookaburra-lover or a model new provoke into the Kookaburra fan membership, I hope that this text has given you one or two new issues to take pleasure in and to cherish about this distinctive and expressive fowl!

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