As your cat enters their double-digit years, you might discover some delicate adjustments occurring. They would possibly wish to sleep a bit extra, play rather less, discuss a bit extra and never be so forgiving when there are adjustments to their routine. You may additionally discover that your senior cat feels a bit lighter or seems to be a bit skinnier. Weight loss is a standard age-related change for older cats, however why is that? Here are among the doable causes behind your senior kitty’s slimmer look.

Food Doesn’t Taste Good or Digest Well Anymore

If your kitty is popping their nostril up on the meals bowl, it could possibly be {that a} decreased sense of odor, style and sight as a result of ageing is making what use to be your cat’s favourite meals much less interesting and ruining their urge for food. Along with decreased senses, as cats grow old their capacity to digest and soak up vitamins decreases, significantly protein and fats. Because their dietary wants aren’t met, their physique attracts from muscle and fats tissue, inflicting weight and muscle loss. Since older cats are likely to have bother conserving weight on, they might want extra energy to assist a really perfect physique situation (e.g., extra meals or meals with a better calorie content material). Veterinarians might advocate a extra energy-dense food plan that’s simply digested to assist cease weight reduction.

Medical Causes of Weight Loss in Senior Cats

An underlying well being situation (or a number of situations) can be the reason for weight reduction in older cats. The signs of ailments that generally have an effect on senior cats might be delicate, so you might not discover them straight away — which is why common checkups and screening for these ailments is necessary. The most typical signs embrace weight reduction, a change in urge for food, and consuming and urinating greater than ordinary. Listed under are among the ailments that generally have an effect on senior cats.

Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney illness (CKD) is among the most typical well being points for senior cats. As a part of regular ageing, among the kidney’s nephrons (the filtration models) lose their operate. In cats with CKD, a lot of nephrons don’t work correctly. The first indicators of CKD are usually weight reduction, elevated urination and elevated thirst. Routine screening can assist detect CKD within the early phases.


Hyperthyroidism is brought on by an overactive thyroid producing extreme quantities of thyroid hormone. It’s thought of the most typical hormone-related illness of middle-aged and older cats. Weight loss is seen in virtually all cats with hyperthyroidism as a result of an abnormally excessive metabolism. Other widespread indicators embrace elevated urge for food, thirst and urination. Most cats reply effectively to remedy and might reside regular lives when the illness is correctly managed.


Diabetes can have an effect on senior cats, significantly neutered males. Other components that may improve your cat’s threat of diabetes embrace inactivity, genetics, continual pancreatitis and hyperthyroidism. Cats with diabetes will typically shed extra pounds despite the fact that they eat extra. Diabetes can’t be cured, however it may be managed with food plan adjustments and medicine.


The ache and irritation of arthritis could make it troublesome for cats to maneuver round, together with making journeys to the meals bowl. It’s a good suggestion to put their meals and water bowls near the place they like to hang around and lift the bowls in order that they don’t must stretch their necks as low to succeed in the meals and water.

Periodontal Disease

If your cat’s enamel or gums are hurting, they’re most likely not going to wish to eat. Periodontal (gum) illness, the most typical oral downside in cats, also can make it arduous on your cat to chew kibble. You may have to modify to softer, canned meals to encourage them to eat. You can assist preserve your cat’s enamel and gums wholesome by brushing their enamel repeatedly and scheduling skilled cleanings together with your veterinarian.

Other well being points which may trigger weight reduction in senior cats (and cats of any age) embrace intestinal parasites, viral ailments and most cancers.

Has Your Cat’s Behavior Changed?

If your cat stares at partitions or meows loudly at night time, it may be as a result of cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), which may additionally trigger a decreased urge for food. According to the Indoor Pet Initiative (at Ohio State University), a analysis of CDS is made when cats have cognitive decline (dementia) that isn’t as a result of a medical illness. After ruling out illness, veterinarians will search for at the least one of many following indicators to make the analysis of CDS: disorientation, interplay adjustments, sleep/wake cycle adjustments, home soiling or exercise stage adjustments (together with decreased urge for food). CDS is progressive and there’s no treatment, however environmental enrichment (e.g., new toys or puzzles), food plan adjustments or medicine might sluggish its development.

Regular Checkups Can Find Hidden Symptoms

All cats ought to have common bodily exams (even when they seem wholesome), however checkups develop into much more necessary as your cat strikes into their senior years. Some of the ailments that may have an effect on senior cats (e.g., kidney illness) can start with hidden or slowly progressing signs that you could be not discover. Cats are additionally excellent at hiding ache and discomfort from their house owners.

To assist detect any underlying well being situations, it’s advisable that senior cats go to the veterinary clinic about each six months — even should you suppose they’re wholesome. Your veterinarian might advocate laboratory exams (e.g., blood or urine exams) or different diagnostics that may assist detect ailments earlier than they develop into critical, which can make remedy or administration of the situation extra profitable.

Weighing your cat at dwelling can assist you retain observe of any delicate adjustments of their weight. If you do discover weight reduction or different indicators that would point out a well being situation, schedule a checkup together with your veterinarian.


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