It will in all probability be no shock to cat mother and father that one in all your cat’s favourite issues is cleanliness — a lot in order that cats spend 2 to six hours per day cleansing and conditioning their coat and claws. That’s lots of outing of their day when you think about additionally they sleep round 15 to 16 hours per day, on common.

This fastidious cleansing behavior additionally applies to the situation of their litter field. Cats could be finicky about the kind of litter you employ, the odor of the litter and what the litter field seems to be like (e.g., coated or not). But they most positively don’t like a grimy litter field. If your cat isn’t utilizing their litter field, this is among the first issues it is best to examine.

A grimy litter field can imply not solely cleansing up urine in random locations round your own home; it will probably additionally trigger well being points to your cat and your loved ones. Here are among the the reason why it is best to hold your cat’s litter field clear and at all times wash your arms after cleansing it.

Tips for Avoiding Toxoplasmosis

One of essentially the most one well-known ailments related to litter containers is toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is brought on by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which is discovered worldwide and might infect most animals. Many persons are conscious of the illness because of the well being issues it will probably trigger infants when their mom turns into contaminated with Toxoplasma throughout or shortly earlier than being pregnant.

Most cats don’t have any signs or indicators of a Toxoplasma an infection until their immune system is compromised. In different phrases, even when your cat appears superb, they could possibly be shedding the parasite of their feces.

The threat of individuals turning into contaminated from a cat contaminated with Toxoplasma is comparatively low as a result of the oocysts (egg-like buildings) in feces require one to 5 days earlier than they’re capable of infect one other animal. So in case you’re scooping the litter field every day and washing your arms completely afterwards with cleaning soap and water, the danger of an infection is low. If you’re pregnant or planning to turn out to be pregnant, the CDC recommends that another person change the litter, or if that’s not attainable, put on disposable gloves and wash your arms with cleaning soap and water afterwards.

No One Wants Worms!

Two different parasites that may be present in your cat’s litter field are roundworm and hookworm. These nematodes dwell within the intestinal tract, the place roundworms feed on meals within the gut and hookworms feed on blood vessels within the intestinal lining. Most cats don’t present outward indicators until the an infection is extreme — which could be deadly for kittens.

Eggs and larvae from roundworm and hookworm could be discovered within the feces of contaminated cats. Other animals (together with folks) can turn out to be contaminated with roundworm in the event that they by accident ingest one thing contaminated with feces. A hookworm an infection happens when larvae penetrate the pores and skin.

Clearly that is one other good motive to scrub your arms completely with cleaning soap and water after cleansing the litter field. You must also make certain your pets (cats and canine) are routinely taking intestinal parasite prevention treatment to assist forestall a roundworm or hookworm an infection within the first place.

Stress Can Lead to Urinary Issues

A grimy litter field could be nerve-racking to your cat, given their particularness about cleanliness. They could refuse to make use of the litter field if it’s soiled which causes stress both via attempting to “hold it” so long as attainable or having to seek out one other place they really feel snug eliminating in.

For cats with a historical past of feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC), a clear litter field is particularly essential. According to articles by BluePearl Specialty and Pet Emergency Hospitals and Veterinary Partner, cats with FIC have an exaggerated stress response because of imbalances of their nervous and endocrine techniques.

One of the administration methods for FIC is MEMO (multimodal environmental modification). This entails assessing the cat’s house surroundings, figuring out potential stressors after which altering the surroundings to cut back stress. Litter field administration and hygiene is on a very powerful elements of MEMO to cut back stress for cats with FIC.

A attainable complication of FIC is urethral obstruction (UO), which happens when bladder stones or urethral plugs partially or fully block the urethra and the cat is unable to urinate. Urine accumulates within the bladder and might even again up into the kidneys. As a consequence, toxins usually eradicated in urine construct up within the physique, which may result in kidney harm or coronary heart failure. Preventing FIC may also help forestall UO, particularly since as much as 25 % of cats with UO could expertise it once more.

If your cat is straining to make use of the litter field with little or no success, name your veterinarian instantly. Cats with UO can die inside 48–72 hours, so early entry to veterinary care is essential.

Is Cat Pee Toxic?

It’s a preferred search, however in case you’re cleansing the litter field repeatedly, the prospect of you turning into sick from the ammonia produced by cat urine is low. Normal cat urine is about 95 % water, but it surely additionally comprises urea, ammonia, uric acid and creatinine, that are pure waste merchandise of protein breakdown and contribute to its distinctive, acidic odor.

The urea is damaged down into ammonia by micro organism within the surroundings — so the faster you clear the litter field, the much less likelihood the micro organism have to interrupt down the urea into ammonia. Ammonia could be hazardous at excessive ranges, however usually, you would wish to have lots of cats and lots of soiled litter containers for a protracted time frame for the ammonia ranges to trigger well being points.

How to Clean the Litter Box

Your cat’s litter field needs to be scooped every day, and for cats with FIC, some specialists advocate twice-daily scooping. Scooping repeatedly will even make it easier to discover any adjustments in your cat’s lavatory habits that will point out a well being challenge.

The litter needs to be modified weekly and the field deep cleaned each few weeks. When washing the litter field, use scorching water and gentle unscented dishwashing detergent. Avoid sturdy cleaners like bleach or ammonia.

Make certain you even have one litter field per cat plus yet another. The litter containers needs to be positioned in easy-to-access locations which are additionally low site visitors areas to offer your cat quiet and privateness.


The takeaway message? Keep your cat’s litter field clear and wash your arms! This will assist forestall you and your cat from turning into sick and hold your cat utilizing their litter field.


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