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If your greatest buddy is a Pit Bull, then you recognize these loyal and loving bully canine are additionally robust and hard. Pitties are sturdy for certain, however even the hardiest of pups face widespread well being issues that may break the financial institution. Pit Bulls are inclined to wrestle with hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, knee issues, allergy symptoms to every thing, and pores and skin points, and any of those points can run up some hefty vet payments in a rush. Pet insurance coverage can maintain your Pit Bull in high form, and your financial savings account wholesome although.

But researching pet insurance coverage for Pit Bulls will be such a complicated chore, proper? Not anymore! In the previous, discovering the proper insurance coverage plan to your canine was a convoluted mess of looking down respected firms and complicated conversations. Now, getting free pet insurance coverage quotes is so simple as answering a couple of questions after which scrolling via the very best selections to your furry household. And with the iHeartDogs comparability instrument, there’s no obligation to purchase. You’re merely doing all your homework.

Compare The Top 9 Pet Insurance Plans for Your Pit Bull Using our Free No-Obligation Quote Tool under

The easiest method to evaluate pet insurance coverage costs is to make use of our instrument under. The comparability instrument will present you quotes from the highest 9 pet insurance coverage carriers, together with Trupanion, Pets Best, Lemonade, ManyPets, FIGO, HealthyPaws, Prudent Pet, Spot, and Embrace pet insurance coverage. ?

How Much Does Pet Insurance for a Pit Bull Cost?

Below are some instance pet insurance policy for a 1-year-old male Pit Bull with the zip code 75001 (Texas)

  • Pets Best  $34.64 per 30 days
  • Embrace  $29.65 per 30 days
  • Figo  $40.09 per 30 days
  • HealthyPaws  $31.19 per 30 days

Keep in thoughts that your value will differ based mostly in your Pit Bull’s age and geographic location. Let’s get extra into the circumstances you’ll need your insurance coverage to cowl and the common prices of managing these points.

pet insurance for pit bull

Common Health Problems Associated With Pit Bulls

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia happens when the ball-and-socket joint in a canine’s hip doesn’t kind appropriately and ultimately results in ache and decreased mobility. This genetic situation plagues many giant canine breeds, the Pit Bull included. Once hip dysplasia has been recognized, the situation would require lifelong care and administration by a veterinarian. Special vet diets to regulate weight and drugs to assist ache and degeneration can add up over time. And then as soon as the hip or hips attain a sure level of degradation, hip dysplasia surgical procedure could also be required, and also you’ll be prices that vary from an estimated $2000 as much as as a lot as $7000.

Not solely does pet insurance coverage cowl vet visits and a few therapies utilized in caring for hip dysplasia, however plan can even put a dent within the prices of any surgical procedures your pup must get again on their paws.

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Another genetic situation widespread to Pit Bulls, hypothyroidism happens when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficient thyroxine, a hormone that controls canine metabolism. Signs of hypothyroidism in Pit Bulls embrace hair loss from the rear legs and tail, itchy pores and skin, decreased urge for food, weight acquire, muscle loss, and fatigue.

While your Pit Bull’s thyroid points will be handled with treatment, a month-to-month script can add up. Some pet insurance policy supply protection on prescriptions. So, paying a little bit a month for an insurance coverage plan can prevent huge on month-to-month canine meds.

Get a pet insurance coverage quote right now and find out how a lot you’ll save in your canine’s prescriptions.

Knee Problems in Pit Bulls

A luxating patella, a medical time period for a dislocated kneecap, is a genetic situation seen generally in Pit Bulls. If your Pittie limps or has one leg they skip utilizing whereas strolling or working, they could have a kneecap that pops out and in of the joint. For some canine, it’s a quirk, however for others, it could result in extreme ache and a bunch of different points like arthritis or ligament tears.

Depending on the severity of your Pitbull’s patellar luxation, your pup could require surgical procedure, and orthopedic surgical procedure for a Pit Bull can vary from $1,000 to $5,000. In a scenario like this, pet insurance coverage can ease the monetary fear a significant surgical procedure can deliver. Depending on the extent of protection you select, you possibly can count on a considerably diminished price, with some canine mother and father reporting financial savings as much as ninety p.c. And that’s enormous whenever you’re working to offer your canine again their mobility. Compare pet insurance policy for Pit Bulls and discover the one you want with our useful instrument. 

Allergies & Skin Problems in Pit Bulls

Allergies are one of many extra widespread well being issues in Pit Bulls. And after we say Pitties generally tend in the direction of allergy symptoms, we aren’t kidding. Suffering from environmental, contact, and meals allergy symptoms, some Pit Bulls spend their life scratching as a consequence of sure grains, proteins, fleas, soaps, and extra. These allergy symptoms can depart your pup with irritated, dry, crimson, and uncomfortable pores and skin. And this irritation can result in secondary pores and skin infections when left untreated.

Diagnosing allergy symptoms with vet-administered assessments will run round $200 – $300. Then comes treatment prices for allergy medication and injections. These month-to-month medicines can inflame your funds in a rush, with Canine Journal revealing allergy pictures can price “between $300 and $500 for a four to six-month supply,” relying on the place you reside and the dimensions of your Pit.

And past allergy symptoms, Pit Bulls are liable to sure pores and skin circumstances like ichthyosis, demodectic mange, and zinc-responsive dermatosis. These sound uncomfortable simply due to their names! But what are these pores and skin issues?

  • Ichthyosis – A genetic difficulty additionally known as fish scale illness, this uncommon situation results in thick pores and skin that peels in greasy flakes.
  • Demodectic Mange – Known additionally as crimson mange, the sort of mange happens when the Demodex mites burrowed within the hair follicles of immature canine or ones with weakened immune techniques irritate the flesh, resulting in thick, scaly, and itchy pores and skin with hair loss.
  • Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis – Seen principally in giant canine when the physique doesn’t take in zinc because it ought to, this insufficiency may end up in dry, flaky pores and skin and boring or thinning fur.

Like allergy symptoms, these pores and skin woes could imply extra facetime with the vet. And every go to requires cost. Help your pup and your pockets discover reduction with pet insurance coverage!

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pet insurance for pit bulls

Get Ahead of the Health Problems that Plague Pit Bulls with Pet Insurance

With pet insurance coverage to your Pit Bull, you gained’t need to stress about paying for vet visits as a result of your pup is roofed! And when an emergency strikes, the costly prices to cope with the sudden gained’t be such a devastating blow to your checking account. You’ll solely need to deal with getting your buddy feeling their greatest once more. Protect your Pit Bull from widespread well being issues and evaluate the highest 9 pet insurance coverage quotes that greatest suit your wants.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you purchase by way of hyperlinks on our web site, we could earn an affiliate fee at no further price to you.
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