This story is totally going to WARM your coronary heart and moreover, completely happy endings are ALWAYS a terrific factor to observe!

Dog lovers are conscious that it’s not the breed of the canine that issues, however how properly that canine has been raised, handled, and liked. Pit Bulls have a nasty fame amongst some folks, which has price them far too many lives. But one police officer is trying to reverse folks’s damaging perceptions one incorrect assumption at a time.


Meet Officer Justin Bruzgul, who rescued Kiah from a horrible existence. He found her chained up within the snow, freezing, and pleading for assist. He noticed that she had unwavering loyalty, brains, and a coronary heart of gold. He realized she had the potential to assist others, so he took her underneath his wing and taught her be a K9 officer.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Inside Edition



Kiah handed the check with flying colours and have become the primary Pit Bull K9 officer in New York State. Kiah’s rescue and turnaround demonstrates that Pit Bulls are great canines!


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