Siamese fighters, or Betta, originate from the nice and cozy, recent waters of Thailand, previously Siam. Their two frequent names originate from the intolerance male fish have for one another, immediately inflicting preventing if positioned in the identical tank, and an abbreviation of their scientific title, Betta splendens. “Betta” means warrior, and the “splendens” a part of their title means vivid, illustrious or glittering in Latin, in reference to the brilliant colors and lengthy showy fins of aquarium strains.

They are vastly standard aquarium fish all over the world and immediately recognizable, though additionally mistakenly known as Japanese preventing fish by non-fishkeepers, which is inaccurate. 

Natural habitat

Betta splendens naturally inhabit shallow freshwaters in tropical marshlands however can now even be present in man-made ponds and ditches, rice paddies and irrigation canals. Their pure waters are sometimes choked up with aquatic crops which will cowl 100% of the water physique.

Dense vegetation retains the males aside and out of sight of one another and particular respiration gear known as the labyrinth organ allows them to breathe atmospheric air via the floor when the waters they’re swimming in are stagnant and devoid of oxygen. This provides them an evolutionary benefit because it signifies that they’ll feed and breed in waters that different households of fish might not survive in. 

Before you purchase one…

Although available there are a number of essential elements that needs to be considered earlier than shopping for a Siamese fighter. They usually are not group fish. Male fish will assault one another and should even combat to the loss of life, so ought to by no means be positioned in the identical aquarium. Male fighters may assault different vibrant, long-finned fish that they mistake for rival males, like male guppies, so beware.

Those lengthy fins may show tempting to different fish within the tank, nipping the fins of male siamese fighters, and mistaking them for meals. So the attacker may grow to be the sufferer, and mixing male Siamese preventing fish with some other fish is commonly removed from simple. 

Female fighters are short-finned, higher behaved, and will be blended with one another in addition to different peaceable group fish. Mixing women and men is once more not simple nevertheless as males will wish to breed with the females but when the females aren’t mature, filled with eggs and able to spawn, they are going to be chased and harassed. The finest place for male Siamese preventing fish is in a devoted tank of their very own.

Betta tank arrange

All male siamese preventing fish are raised in tiny jars or bottles in fish farms in Asia. The jars are naked, not filtered or aerated and the fish solely obtain meals and frequent water adjustments. In the new nations they’re bred in they want no heating and water temperatures might high 30 Celsius. Some aquarists select to maintain their male fighters in an analogous manner of their properties, in small, unheated, unfiltered tanks, and in the event that they construct up a set or maintain them in a devoted rack it is often known as a Betta barracks. 

Not everybody agrees with this follow nevertheless and one of the best for the fish when it comes to welfare and environmental enrichment is its personal closely planted tropical aquarium. It will be small, at 19 litres upwards, be brightly lit to encourage plant development, nevertheless it should have mild filtration as male fish will tire when swimming towards any water stream. Heavy planting will assist to deflect filter stream from a small inside energy filter or use a small air-powered sponge filter, and an airpump.   

Choose a small heater which will be adjusted to excessive temperatures and monitor temperature utilizing a thermometer. 24-28C is ideal. 

Starting on the backside, use a substrate of sentimental inert sand or soil to encourage plant development, with small wooden items and leaves. Indian Almond Leaves, also referred to as Catappa leaves, are utilized by breeders to stain and soften the water for Siamese fighters they usually additionally imagine they’ve antibacterial properties and are constructive for the fish’s pores and skin. 

Plant closely and utilise floor vegetation which the fish will use to relaxation and breed in. Consider an excellent liquid fertiliser and CO2 injection to get one of the best out of your crops. 


In the wild, Siamese fighters dine on aquatic invertebrates and bug larvae. In captivity, they may eat flake, small, floating granules, and frozen bloodworm, daphnia, brine shrimp and mosquito larvae. One lone fish will solely want tiny quantities of meals at one time so don’t overfeed and take away any uneaten meals which sinks to the underside. 


Siamese fighters create bubble nests to breed – floating rafts of sticky bubbles which anchor to crops on the floor. They entice the feminine over and embrace underneath the nest, releasing eggs into it earlier than chasing the feminine away and the eggs are tended by the male.

Bubble nests are an adaptation to low oxygen of their pure waters, however one essential issue is the necessity for heat, moist air above the nest for when the fry first develop their labyrinth organs and take their first breath. The fry are extremely tiny so needs to be ate up Infusoria or particular fry meals for egg layers. As the younger mature, males have to be singled out and separated.           


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