Silly canine names can simply brighten somebody’s day, so Nationwide Pet Insurance determined to make use of that to their benefit. The insurance coverage firm hosted a “wackiest pet name” contest for pets which might be insured with the corporate. Over 1,000,000 pets entered, however just one canine and one cat had been topped the winners.

The canine who gained has a reputation so foolish that it’s arduous to say it with a straight face. He’s an lovable French Bulldog from Tennessee who’s happy with his humorous title! His people put a number of consideration into what to name him earlier than deciding on it.


Introducing the Wackiest Dog Name!

The winner of the Wackiest Dog Name contest is a one-year-old Frenchie named Dr. Potato Head. He lives in Nashville along with his dad, Dr. Dalton Hamilton, who’s an actual physician. It took some time for Dr. Hamilton to decide on the right title for his pet, however Dr. Potato Head appeared to stay higher than the rest.

Wackiest dog name

“I knew I wanted it to be funny,” Dr. Hamilton mentioned. “My girlfriend suggested Mr. Potato Head, and I said ‘Doctor’ because he has credentials, you know? And then we just went down the rabbit hole of all of the possible names we could call him from that.”

Dr. Potato Head was up towards 1.1 million different canine, and Nationwide Pet Insurance determined that he was the insured canine with the wackiest title. Some of the competing canine had been named Holly Picklebond Bonk, Macho Dog Randy Savage, Motley Chew, Shoogieboogie, and Princess Dumptruck.

French Bulldog posing

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As the winner, Dr. Potato Head will obtain a one-year pet toy and deal with subscription, a customized portrait, and a $100 present card that’s redeemable at a number of shops.

What’s the Wackiest Cat Name?

Don’t fear, foolish cat names weren’t forgotten throughout this contest. Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer gained the award for the wackiest cat title, which earns the identical rewards because the wackiest canine title. Kelli Hoover is “the Muffin Slayer’s” mother, and she or he mentioned his title began as Pickles, nevertheless it didn’t look like sufficient. So, she added on the opposite components as she acquired to know him higher.

Wackiest cat name

Hoover mentioned the important thing to choosing the right pet title is to let it come naturally. She mentioned the right title will sound correct and never really feel pressured. However, uncommon names appear to be pretty frequent for felines. Some different cats within the operating had been Crunchcat Supreme, Foo Foo Cuddly Poops, Tayroar Swift, Ruth Bader Kitsburg, and Linda from Human Resources.

Now, Dr. Potato Head and Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer are each well-known for the goofy names their people gave them. Somehow, these humorous names swimsuit them properly, nevertheless it’s amusing to think about their people calling for them.

French Bulldog on a walk

Featured Image: Instagram

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