When Superbon Banchamek was rising up, he dreamed of changing into a champion fighter. As a boy, he skilled along with his father, who owns a Muay Thai kickboxing gymnasium. His laborious work and years of coaching have paid off. At press time, Superbon’s spectacular battle document speaks for itself. He has competed in 147 fights, profitable 113 of them — 27 of these wins by knockout.

Not surprisingly, Superbon has constructed a reputation for himself as a fighter and a loyal fanbase. But his battle profession isn’t all he’s recognized for. Superbon has created a preferred Instagram account for his pets, and it’s there the place he connects with an viewers wider than his chosen career. In addition to being a lifelong fan of fight sports activities, Superbon can be a lifelong animal lover.

“I had been raising animals ever since I was young,” he says. “During the times I was in Pattalung, I’ve had cats and birds as pets. After moving to Bangkok, I started to own monkeys and cats. They were with me in times of solitude.”

Superbon Banchamek’s animal pals embrace his two Bengal cats and 4 Marmoset monkeys.

These days, Superbon shares his life with two male Bengal cats and 4 Marmoset monkeys, that are all seen on an Instagram account devoted particularly to them. “Since I love animals, I also enjoy taking photos and videos of them,” he says.

Originally, he posted the occasional pet photograph on his common account, however determined these photographs acquired misplaced within the mixture of his battle photos. “That’s the reason I’ve decided to create another account purposely for my pets.”

Now that the 2 halves of his life have particular person accounts, his followers can comply with whichever one they’ve probably the most curiosity in, or they will comply with each. People typically discover it fascinating {that a} champion fighter has devoted a lot of his time to animals, and even paperwork his life with them. But many athletes, he says, are additionally followers of sharing their lives with animals.

“Many people think it’s adorable to own pets,” he says. “There are also many athletes who raise animals. It depends on what they want to have as pets. Pets can help me connect with new people. When I take them outside for a walk, I receive more interactions and introductions from the others.”

When the day comes for Superbon to retire from preventing, he nonetheless plans to commit his life to sports activities and animals. “If one day I were to stop fighting, I want to share my knowledge and experience with the new generation,” he says. He would like to personal a Muay Thai gymnasium, like his father and brother at present do.

He would additionally like to offer extra time to animals, and probably help in charity work that might profit them. In the meantime, he continues to coach, battle and submit his adventures along with his cats and monkeys to Instagram. “My pet’s IG has helped me to connect with fans who are animal lovers.”

Follow Superbon Banchamek, his Bengals and his monkeys on Instagram! @superbon_pet.

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