Quick Facts

  • Weight: 7 – 9 kilos

This shorthaired breed is blessed with gooseberry-green eyes, a twitching tail, and a coat that is available in silver, bronze, or smoke beneath the pure spots. That’s proper. The spots are additionally on the pores and skin.

Some folks confusion the Egyptian Mau with the Ocicat, which additionally sports activities spots. The Mau includes a rounded, wedge-shape head and lithe, muscular physique.

Grooming wants are minimal. Their easy-maintenance coat will profit by being wiped down by a moist washcloth as soon as every week or so and conserving the nails clipped.

Females weigh between 6 and 10 kilos and males common between 10 and 14 kilos.


  • Loyal to their homeowners
  • Extremely agile and athletic
  • Capable of creating totally different sounds
  • Inquisitive and extremely smart
  • Masters methods simply
  • Easy-to-care-for noticed coat

Ideal Human Companion

  • Families with kids
  • Singles with no different pets
  • Experienced cat homeowners

What They Are Like to Live With

Fans of this breed boast of the Mau’s fierce loyalty and devotion, average exercise degree, and gentle, melodious voice.

Don’t be shocked in case your Mau is standing on the door ready to greet you while you come dwelling from work. They completely bond with their favourite folks. However, they aren’t readily followers of different critters, even different cats and fare finest being the one-and-only cat.

For an unexplained purpose, Maus are typically extra delicate to anesthesia and medication, so work intently together with your veterinarian if any medical remedy is required. In addition, they like heat temperatures, extra so than the common cat.

Things You Should Know

The Egyptian Mau prefers to be a “four on the floor” cat (all 4 ft on the bottom) somewhat than being picked up and positioned in your lap.

This athletic breed is able to leaping as much as six ft within the air from a standing place.

Regarded because the greyhound of cats, the Mau can run at speeds as much as 30 miles per hour.

Egyptian Mau History

Ranked as one of many oldest domesticated breeds, the Egyptian Mau is regarded as associated to a noticed subspecies of the African Wild Cat. Held in excessive esteem, this breed was worshipped as deities, protected by legal guidelines, and mummified upon demise in historical Egypt. The matriarch of this breed was silver noticed feminine named Baba.

According to historic information, a feminine Egyptian Mau kitten was scheduled to accompany exiled Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy from Rome to the United States. However, they missed getting on an enormous luxurious ship, the ill-fated Andrea Dorian that sank after being rammed a Swedish liner. In 1956, the princess efficiently arrived within the United States and introduced the primary Mau to this nation.

Today, the Egyptian Van is ranked twentieth in recognition among the many breeds listed by the Cat Fanciers Association, which granted it championship standing in 1977.

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