V Rising is about in an enormous gothic realm full with horrible adversaries and vital supplies. While Stunlock Studios continues to increase V Rising, it’s essential to get acquainted with the locations that are actually accessible. This information gives you an summary of V Rising’s vital map areas and what you possibly can count on to find there.

What are all of the totally different map areas?

The map of V Rising is now separated into 5 areas. The Farbane Woods, which can also be the largest, is the primary of them. This is the place your V Rising journey will start.

You’ll encounter one other zone named the Dunley Farmlands as you proceed by the sport and transfer north. You’ll uncover some glorious sources right here.

The Cursed Forest might then be discovered by heading farther north. It is just not a pleasing location to go to, however it does help you in gathering helpful info.

Following this space, you’ll attain the Silverlight Hills, essentially the most beautiful zone of V Rising presently accessible. It is indubitably essentially the most beautiful place, however it’s also essentially the most perilous.

Hallowed Mountains is positioned northeast of the Farbane Woods and is a late-game area. You will encounter the sport’s strongest adversaries on this space.

There are many issues to discover in all of those locations, together with ruined ruins, caverns, and bandit camps. All of the zones have distinctive sources and adversaries.

Farbane Woods

Farbane Woods is V Rising’s first area, and it’s additionally the best to outlive in. However, there are nonetheless numerous threats on this area, together with poisonous vegetation, homicidal moose, and different animals.

There are a number of Bandit Camps on this area with adversaries ready to battle you. The Farbane Woods location is mostly shaded, permitting you to discover the world with out being bothered by the solar. While the solar doesn’t totally disappear, there may be loads of cowl.

Copper Ore and different very important sources for the early recreation could also be discovered on this location. You might make the most of this to make higher gear so you possibly can tackle harder adversaries.

Animal Bones are additionally discovered within the V Rising and could also be refined on the crafting stations. Paper, coarse thread, and a whetstone are a few of the different key supplies you may discover on this area.

Dunley Farmlands

The Dunley Farmlands could also be discovered after buying some useful provides and trekking north from the Farbane Woods. Iron Ore is your main supply of curiosity right here. However, remember that the entire area is patrolled by militiamen.

You can get quite a lot of Iron Ore when you can sneak contained in the mine. Iron ore could also be used to enhance your tools. This space can also be dwelling to a lot of horses. These horses could also be used as mounts to swiftly discover the situation and transfer on to the following.

You might also accumulate Cloth, Sunflower, Quartz, and Wool Thread along with these vital objects. All of those supplies shall be very helpful to you.

Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest space could also be discovered farther north of the Dunley Farmlands. This is just not a spot you wish to be. In this space, you’ll come throughout zombies and witches.

Ghost Crystal, Ghost Yarn, and Spectral Dust are a few of the important sources discovered on this space.

Some areas on this area are actually unavailable, however will more than likely grow to be accessible in future content material releases.

Silverlight Hills

The most beautiful location within the V Rising is Silverlight Hills. But don’t be fooled by that; it’s fairly lethal. Brighthaven, the most important metropolis in V Rising, is positioned there.

Various sources, corresponding to Silver Ore, could also be discovered throughout this space. If you wish to make formidable weapons in V Rising, you’ll want silver ore.

Gem Dust and Highland Lotus might also be present in Silverlight Hills. When you discover different areas together with the Fortress of Light, you’ll come throughout useful issues just like the Imperial Thread. Solarus, a late-game boss, could also be discovered right here as properly.

Hollowed Mountains

The Hollowed Mountains, which is the late recreation area, are positioned northwest of the Farbane Woods. It’s a a lot smaller snowy space than the opposite areas described.

This location is famous for its hazardous boss encounters, not for its helpful sources. You should put together extensively earlier than battling the area’s bosses.

This zone might develop in a future replace, together with many sources in addition to formidable monsters.

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