Seriously, we will’t cease pondering: “Who would do such a thing?”

But right here it’s. Matt Williamson, a Hinds County, Mississippi resident, was out searching for his personal canine close to a creek when he discovered one thing utterly surprising and really disturbing.

Two puppies had been deserted in an aquarium – its lid cemented shut.

“I could see these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they need help,” Williamson informed 16WAPT information. “They sent them here to drown,” he says of whoever did this. “They wanted these puppies to drown.”

Williamson known as the authorities and the puppies had been taken in by Mississippi Animal Rescue League, who’re treating them very rigorously and with a lot of love.

“We think they are a little feral (and) not used to human handling. They were running a fever, about 103, or so. Our standard procedure is to put them in a quiet place, number one, because of their temperature, and number two, their stress level,” MARL Director Debra Boswell informed 16WAPT information.


Obviously scared, the 2 puppies huddled collectively, the one together with his paw across the different, as if attempting to guard him from all the brand new individuals.

Watch the total information story beneath:


The pups have since been adopted and reside a full, blissful life! Now, for these two deserving canine, life’s a seaside!

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