Keeping horses’ joints wholesome and making choices for his or her long-term effectivelybeing and soundness is important to them carry outing at their greatest. Learn how a mixture of preventative care and veterinary intervention when mandatory can work to profit the horse.  

ARTICLE: Equine Joint Health for the Long Run  Osteoarthritis is probably not utterly avoidable as a horse ages, however early analysis and conscientious care can sluggish its advance and decrease ache. Learn how you can take cost of your horse’s joint well being from the very first step. Read Now

ARTICLE: Beyond Osteoarthritis: ‘Other’ Causes of Joint Disease An estimated 60% of lameness is attributable to osteoarthritis, so which means 40% of lamenesses are attributable to one thing else. Learn about a number of the different causes of joint illness and the way these different situations relate to OA. Read Now

SPONSORED CONTENT: Equine Veterinarians: Championing Your Success  It is essential you’re employed with and belief your veterinarian to make sure your horses really feel their greatest. Read More

ARTICLE: Do Popular Equine Oral Joint Supplements Work?  One researcher assessed the efficacy of 4 joint complement elements: chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, Boswellia serrata, and turmeric. Here’s what she discovered. Read More

ARTICLE: How Might Neck Arthritis Affect Horses’ Gaits?  French researchers discovered horses with simulated C6-C7 nerve compression had shortened strides, tightened gaits, and a basic lack of shoulder tone.   Read Now

ARTICLE: Longeing’s Potential Effects on Equine Joints Is frequent round train linked to osteoarthritis? Read More

ARTICLE: How Healthy Horse hooves Help Arthritic Joints  Learn how good trimming and shoeing strategies can assist arthritic horses. Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Equine Joint Structure and Function Learn how equine joints work and what frequent joint-function issues you may encounter with this step-by-step visible information. View Now

ARTICLE: Feeding Horses for Joint Health  Proper diet can actually make or break joint well being. Here’s what you must knowRead More

ARTICLE: Help! My Horse’s Wound is Near a Joint Experts focus on what to do when your horse turns up with knee, hock, fetlock, or different leg joint wounds, and why.   Read More


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